Centre has written off Rs 10 L cr loans, gave  Rs 5 L cr tax exemption to Modi's friends: Sisodia

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Centre has written off Rs 10 L cr loans, gave  Rs 5 L cr tax exemption to Modi's friends: Sisodia

Sunday, 14 August 2022 | Staff Reporter | NEW DELHI

Deputy Chief Minister, Manish Sisodia, on Saturday once again reiterated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is busy catering to the needs of his super-rich friends, but has no time to pay heed to the taxpayer's woes. Sisodia alleged that the Centre has written off loans worth Rs 10 lakh crore and gave Rs 5 lakh crore tax exemption to Modi's "friends", pushing the country's economy to such a "bad state" that it has to say nothing can now be provided to people for free.

“Prime Minister's Dostwaad has completely ruined the country's economy; he is using taxpayer's money to fill the coffers of his friends,” he said while addressing a Press conference. When the questions are raised, the BJP-led Government at the Centre and the ruling party's leaders start "talking here and there", he alleged.

"So, I once again appeal to the Prime Minister to answer why he wrote off loans of his friends worth Rs 10 lakh crore and exempted their tax to the tune of Rs Rs lakh crore to benefit them and put the country's economy to such a state that you have to say that country will be ruined if anything is given to people for free now," the AAP leader said. “Today, I was watching the Press conference of BJP’s Sambit Patra. He was beating around the bush and made a few remarks on me and the Delhi Government. We are fine with that but he should answer why his Government brought the exchequer of the country in such a shambolic condition that you don’t have the funds to run schools and hospitals just to fill the pockets of your friends? The economy of the country is in ruins and as a result, they had to impose tax on basic edible commodities,” said Sisodia.

 Hitting hard at the BJP-led Centre Government, the Delhi Deputy CM said the Centre has imposed tax on basic edible commodities like milk, dahi and rice. “A poor family has to pay tax in order to feed their children with milk. The Central Government has also said that it has run out of funds to build government schools and hospitals. They are neither able to give pensions to the elderly nor run welfare schemes for the poor,” Sisodia said.

 “Why has such a situation arise? It is because that hard-earned taxpayers’ money was spent to fill the pockets of friends of the Prime Minister. Taxpayers’ gave this money so that the government can build schools for their children, hospitals, roads and supply electricity and water. However, the taxpayers' money was spent on the Prime Minister’s friends instead of them,” said Sisodia.

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