Efforts to uplift all sections of society

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Efforts to uplift all sections of society

Saturday, 14 May 2022 | Staff Reporter | bhopal

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that speedy work will be done in the direction of providing employment to tribal youth by honing their skills. On the one hand, where tribal youth need employment, in rural areas there is a need for technical proficiency electricians, plumbers, masons, vehicle mechanics etc.

In such a situation, Rural Tribal Technical Training Programme in Parliamentary Complex Project for tribal youth in collaboration with National Skill Development Corporation will prove to be worthwhile. Chouhan was inaugurating the Rural Tribal Technical Training Program at Kushabhau Thackeray Auditorium here today. The districts of Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Orissa including Madhya Pradesh have been selected for the pilot project in the first phase.

The Chief Minister said that Prime Minister Modi is a ‘man of ideas’. Efforts are being made to bring the most backward sections of the society at par as per his vision and policy of Sabka Saath-Sabka Vikas,. Special attention is being given in this direction in Madhya Pradesh.

A campaign to change the lives of the tribal class is being run. Steps have been taken to implement PESA Act, convert Vangrams into revenue village, provide educational facilities to tribal children and give importance to them in the plan to prepare rural engineers.

Lakh of people are needed for work in the villages. Young tribals are being benefited for the implementation of schemes like Jal Jeevan Mission and maintenance of the machines. They are getting employment through skill training. Benefit of Mukhya Mantri Udyami Yojana is also being provided. Skills will help them get work, it will also help curb migration from rural areas.

The Chief Minister said that there are limited employment opportunities in tribal areas. Because of this the youth are compelled to move out of their areas. Finding employment in one’s own area also strengthens the local socio-economic structure.

It was from this point of view that Prime Minister Modi had in-depth discussions with 40 MPs at the Mumbai Symposium. This was followed by discussions with experts and scheduled tribe organizations. Selected MPs from Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha selected 49 groups from 15 states. Training of two months duration will provide opportunities to the youth to start their own business and employment in other sectors.

Chouhan said that our welfare programmes will be more successful only when the society stands with the government. This has happened in the field of cleanliness in the state. Along with this, this thing was also proved in the fight with Corona. Chouhan said that in Madhya Pradesh, villages and cities are getting good results by celebrating Pride Day.

The cooperation being given by the farmers in keeping the village clean, preventing wastage of electricity, running anganwadi centers is also worth noticing. Common citizens have also been active in the work of saving children from malnutrition by providing food grains in Anganwadis. Initiatives to make the village drug-free have been taken at many places. Citizens are planting trees. Improvements are being made in the environment on a large scale through tree plantation. The work of preparing rural engineers and training of youth has been done through Global Skill Park of Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh. Today such an innovative scheme is being started. Chouhan also informed about the assistance being given to the youth through the Mukhya Mantri Udyami Yojana.

The special guest of the programme, National General Secretary BL Santosh said that the local people in tribal areas will avoid migration if they get financial security. Today people working as teachers, doctors and other positions have started making up their mind to work in tribal areas.



 It is also in the interest of the tribal class. There is a lot of expectations from the tribal youth. After acquiring technical training, they should choose a strong means of employment, which is necessary for the betterment of the tribal society. He said that according to the vision of the Prime Minister, the technical training project for the tribals would prove to be an important link.

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