FDA team took action against Blood Centre in Hisar by posing as blood donor, says Vij

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FDA team took action against Blood Centre in Hisar by posing as blood donor, says Vij

Sunday, 08 May 2022 | PNS | Chandigarh

Haryana Health and Family Welfare Minister Anil Vij, who also holds the portfolio of Haryana Food and Drug Administration, on Saturday said that in the campaign being run by Food and Drug Administration Department regarding illegal medicine shops at blood centres and nursing homes, Noble Hospital, Tosham Road, Shriram Blood Centre in Hisar and two dental hospitals were raided by teams of FDA on the basis of secret information. Also, action will be taken against Blood Centres under Drugs and Cosmetics Act and two illegal medical stores.
Vij said that the team was led by Assistant State Drug Controller, Ripon Mehta and SDCO, Hisar, Raman Kumar in the proceedings against the blood centre.  He shared that the FDA team sent Yogesh's son Purna Chand to the blood centre posing as a blood donor. The Medical Officer was not present on the spot at that time. The lab technician named Tanu was present there, after conducting a medical examination of the donor he declared him to be fit for blood donation and also collected his blood sample.
It is noteworthy that the blood of a donor can be taken only if it is found suitable for blood donation by the Medical Officer after a thorough medical examination.  It is a serious offence to collect blood samples wherein the donor has not been examined by a medical officer authenticated by the State Drug Controller. Apart from this, many other serious violations such as not testing blood as per guidelines, not sending HIV / Hepatitis positive report, not conducting sterility test, not maintaining records of refrigerator temperature as per rules, not giving information about blood donation campus etc.  were found. It is pertinent to mention here that if blood or blood components are not stored at the prescribed temperature, then the blood sample is contaminated and can prove to be fatal.  He said that appropriate legal action would be taken against the blood center under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act.
Two other FDA teams also raided illegal medical stores operating in two dental hospitals in Hisar city. The team of Dinesh Rana DCO Hisar and Sandeep Hooda DCO Panipat caught a lady named Anita for blatantly selling medicines at the shop in Smiling Tooth Dental Hospital, Sector 14.  The owner of the hospital, Dr. Rahul Bansal, had appointed her on a monthly salary of Rs.6000.  11 types of medicines were confiscated from the spot for sample testing by the FDA team.
Similarly, in another raid, Hemant Grover DCO Bhiwani found a person named Sonu in Shriram Dental Care Rishinagar Hisar selling medicines without license.  Sonu was hired by the operator of the above hospital on a monthly salary of Rs 10,000.  Samples of 7 types of medicines were seized from the spot for testing.  Legal action will be taken against both the illegal medical stores.
Vij informed that the Haryana Government has launched a campaign against drug abuse, illegal sellers of MTP kits, illegal shops in nursing homes and blood centres involved in illegal activities.  Those who play with the health of the people of Haryana will not be spared, he added.


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