Govt did nothing to check air pollution: Bidhuri

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Govt did nothing to check air pollution: Bidhuri

Saturday, 01 October 2022 | Staff Reporter | NEW DELHI

Soon after Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced the 15-point Winter Action Plan to curb air pollution, the Leader of Opposition (LoP) in Delhi Assembly Ramvir Singh Bidhuri criticised it saying the Government had done nothing to check air pollution except put out advertisements and termed it a paper action plan.

Bidhuri said the smog towers installed by the Delhi Government have proved to be useless and the plan to destroy stubble through the Pusa bio-decomposer was a propaganda tool. He alleged, “In Delhi, a chemical worth Rs 40 thousand was purchased to destroy the stubble, while Rs 24 crore was spent on its promotion. The Winter Action Plan will remain only on paper as no work has been done at the ground level. This is the reason that in the WHO’s report, Delhi has been facing the stigma of the world's most polluted Capital and the Kejriwal Government is fully responsible for this.” The LoP alleged that the Government has no intention to reduce pollution and due to its negligence pollution increases.

“All PWD roads are in a bad condition and it is difficult for people to drive on them and consequently it is causing more fuel consumption and pollution. Let alone making new roads they are not even being repaired. The Supreme Court has said that PM 2.5 is the main reason for pollution in the Capital. Due to the dust rising from these roads, PM 2.5 is increasing,” he said.

He also alleged that due to the lack of improvement in public transport people are forced to use their vehicles, due to which vehicular pollution is increasing. “The Government has failed on this front.

 For the last eight years, Delhiites have been waiting for new buses as 3,760 DTC buses have completed their life cycle and they are being run on the roads ignoring the safety of the public. These buses often break down which causes traffic jams and pollution as well,” the LoP said.

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