Hospitalisation rate is low: Health Min

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Hospitalisation rate is low: Health Min

Friday, 14 January 2022 | Staff Reporter | NEW DELHI

Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain said that according to the audit of the death committee, the highest number of deaths caused due to Corona is of those patients who were admitted in hospitals due to any comorbidity or any other diseases.

“The rate of admission of patients is currently very low. There is no increase in the number of hospitalizations of patients,” he said.

Giving detailed information on the Coronavirus cases in Delhi on Thursday, he said “The number of patients admitted in the hospital has stabilized. The number of hospitalizations as compared to new cases coming daily is currently under control. We are hopeful that this is the peak. The existing health system in Delhi is in a good shape and we are fully prepared to deal with the most serious of situations."

He added, “Despite the surge of new cases daily for the last few days, the number of patients admitted to the hospital remains the same. This could be a sign that the peak of the corona has now arrived. I hope that this peak of corona ends as soon as possible so that the cases of corona in Delhi and the country can come down thereafter and people can get relief from this outbreak."

About the patients being admitted to the ICU, Jain said, “There are very few such cases among the patients admitted to the ICU beds in the hospitals, who are admitted only because of the Corona. Most of the patients are those who are being treated for some other disease."

Apart from this, while talking about the number of patients admitted to the hospital and the preparedness of the Government, the Health Minister said that at present very few patients are admitted to the hospital. For example, 30 corona patients are admitted to GTB hospital, there are a total of 750 beds available. Similarly, at present, a total of 750 beds are available in LNJP Hospital but only 136 patients are admitted. If needed, we can increase 1000 beds in both these hospitals.

Similarly, preparations have been made in other hospitals of Delhi like Deendayal Hospital, Lok Nayak Hospital, and Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital.

“A total of 37 thousand beds have been arranged for by the Delhi Government in these hospitals. At present, 15,000 beds have been made operational. We can double the number of beds overnight if needed, but as the number of hospitalized patients is so less at present, the need to increase the number of beds is not taken into consideration.

However, the government is fully prepared to deal with the gravest of situations to arrive,” he added.

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