Marandi cautions Soren over 'scam' in Excise Dept

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Marandi cautions Soren over 'scam' in Excise Dept

Wednesday, 30 November 2022 | PNS | Ranchi

BJP legislature party chief Babulal Marandi launched an attack on the Chief Minister Hemant Soren questioning the excise department failure in revenue collection. The BJP leader also mocked the excise department for presenting false data. The BJP leader said, the Excise department, which has set a target of collecting Rs 2200 crore in revenue by selling liquor in the financial year 2022-23, could collect Rs 1085 crore. The department is expected to collect Rs 1600 crore by the end of November 2022 but it could collect Rs 1085 crore. The situation has become so worse that employees working in retail outlets of liquors are not getting paid.

Marandi has warned CM Soren against those government officials who are misleading the government in the formulation of excise policy and paving the path for the addition of the name of CM in another scam.

Marandi alleged that in order to save face, the Excise Department has sued the government in the High Court, out of the “favourite” companies selected before the contract and fined for not meeting the target. Liquor selling manpower supplies companies are saying that they are not getting supply of branded liquor/beer, so how to sell as per target? Whole seller of liquor says- Branded companies are not supplying customized liquor/beer and companies say that they are not getting payment for supply of goods, so how to supply further?

Jharkhand's government revenue is suffering a huge loss in this game of cat and mouse and "looting".

The former CM, cautioning CM Soren said, “Chief Minister, before you make a record of another scam by getting caught in this liquor scam also, wake up and without delay, take strict action against those officers who have made sure arrangements to trap your neck in the liquor scam on the lines of Delhi.”

Marandi further said, “On May 1, 2022, when this Chhattisgarhi liquor policy and the companies selected before making the policy (which I had told by tweeting before the tender) came, the Excise Department held press conferences for the next two months to glorify them. The release claimed that the revenue has started coming in more than expected. An attempt has been made by you to prove the opponents who expressed apprehensions false.”

“What happened that the excise department, which published false figures of revenue collection in the newspaper, stopped speaking after two months? I want to ask you this question and you must ask the excise department,” alleged Marandi.

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