Muharram committee felicitates police, civil officers in Daltonganj

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Muharram committee felicitates police, civil officers in Daltonganj

Saturday, 06 August 2022 | PNS | DALTONGANJ

Muharram Inteezamiya committee held a felicitation ceremony here on  late Thursday evening. It was attended by SP Palamu Chandan Kumar Sinha, SDO Sadar Rajesh Kumar Sah, SDPO Surjit Kumar, NDC Shailesh Kumar Singh and district head of the JMM Rajinder Sinha and others.

The SP in his speech  had a mix of law and order talk and Muharram's dignity  and right at the beginning  SP made it very clear that police remain concerned about the law and order on occasions or festivals be it Muharram, Ramnavmi, Durga Puja etc. Sinha said maintenance of law and order is accorded highest priority and police do not look at any other way. 

The message was loud and terse. The SP knew he and his team has been invited to by the Muharram Inteezamiya committee here but he didn't refrain from issuing a veiled warning to all that no aberration from any side would be brooked, no matter how one offers the felicitation. 

The SP spoke about Karbala and (Hazrat) Imam Hussain. He said people do talk about  Karbala. However he didn't make any more elaboration on Karbala.

He took a safe recourse to (Hazrat) Imam Hussain telling that with the onset of the Muharram Muslims new year calendar starts and their (Hazrat) Imam Hussain lies in their hearts of heart. He asked the faithful to emulate the life and sacrifices of this martyr.

Sinha was very witty while drawing a parallel that in Islam Muharram is the second most important thing after the Holy Ramzaan. He said the sanctity of Muharram be retained.

Sinha urged the people to emulate the supreme sacrifice of the martyr  and asked the faithful to foster amity, understanding and harmony in the society.

The SP sensing the mood of the gathering began rendering more Urdu words like 'Fatah' and he even recited a 'Nazm' there which was a bit longer for the occasion.

Sources said the Muharram Inteezamiya committee is far more busy in doing two things. It is the 'Pagree Poshi' and the other is the opening of Muharram Inteezamiya offices. Both of these two are done with all enthusiasms.

About Pagree Poshi it is said it ties the bond with the people of different faith and walk of life. Muharram offices are important in their own way as it helps monitoring the development of the Muharram occasion.

Sources said the formation of the Muharram Inteezamiya committee is not free of local politics and personal bias and prejudice. The Muslim market and trade pull the strings attached to the Muharram Inteezamiya committee.

Sources said there was a lot of manoeuvring before the formation of the Muharram Inteezamiya committee here.

The committee which takes its birth with the onset of the Muharram, completes its just one year term weeks ahead of the sighting of the moon next year. Sources said for the one year or so the town police look to this committee when comes festivals of people of the other faith.

Sources said there is Mumtaz Ahmad Khan who is the most seen face of the Muharram Inteezamiya committee no matter who leads it.

Sources said there is another important face in Ghulam Goss Khan aka Guddu Khan who also calls shots in matters of the Muharram Inteezamiya committee sometimes from the front or sometimes from behind the curtains but Guddu Khan can't be overlooked here.

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