One nabbed from Jharkhand on charge of cyber frauds

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One nabbed from Jharkhand on charge of cyber frauds

Saturday, 15 January 2022 | Staff Reporter | bhopal

Cyber Crime Bhopal nabbed a miscreant from Jharkhand, who used to provide bank accounts for cyber frauds cheating credit card holders by obtaining OTP; accused used bank details of his friends in the name of receiving MGNREGA money.

The Jharkhand based accused used to provide bank account details of his friends to the cyber criminals, friends were told that he require bank account to collect money of MGNREGA money.

A complaint was lodged by the victim with Cyber Crime cell Bhopal that on January 25, 2020 he received a call from unknown person who asked for OTP fraudulently twice and cheated Rs 30400.

Based on the complaint after the preliminary investigation, the police registered a case under section 420 of the IPC.

During the investigation police found that the accused Prem Kumar Das told his friends that my MNREGA money would come in his account, he used to get his account available to his partner Ajay. These accounts were used by Ajay to get fraud money. Prem used to get money from his friends and give it to Ajay.

After the crime was established by the team of Cyber Crime on the basis of technical investigation, Rs 100000 were frozen in the account of the account holder, which could be returned to the complainant by the order of the court and 1 accused was arrested while 1 mobile phone has been recovered from the accused.


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