Painting exhibition Shalaka at Tribal museum

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Painting exhibition Shalaka at Tribal museum

Thursday, 06 October 2022 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

With a view to provide a platform to the tribal painters of the State, a painting exhibition cum sale Shalaka is being organised at Madhya Pradesh State Tribal Museum.

In the same series, an exhibition cum sale began from Tuesday. The 30th Shalaka Chitra Exhibition by Gond community painter Shambhudayal Shyam is being organized from October 4 to 30.

In his paintings are fish, crab and bird and elephant, peacock and deer, Bada Dev ka Banana and Ganesha based on many subjects. Around 24 paintings made by him have been displayed.

Shambhudayal Shyam was born in the year 1974 in village-Patangarh of Dindori, a Gond dominated area. He lived in the village till the age of 15. There was interest in painting and art since childhood, but there was no painter in the family, only to see the mother from time to time flaunting on the walls and ground of the house and along with the mother's chime, she herself also used to do other painting work with great enthusiasm.

At Tribal Folk Arts and Language Development Academy he got an opportunity to understand other literary aspects of his community as well, due to which Shambhu became the goddess in his paintings. Drawing of deities became more popular, which has remained in continuity till date. Shambhu continued to receive academic support and guidance in the path shown by Jangarh Singh Shyam in his life.

In his art journey for about 25 years, Shambhu has exhibited his paintings in many art galleries of the country, as well as actively participated in many painting camps, art fairs. He has also been honored with Jangarh Singh Shyam Award.

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