Pankaj Mishra files complaint case against ED Asst Director

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Pankaj Mishra files complaint case against ED Asst Director

Sunday, 04 December 2022 | PNS | Ranchi

Chief Minister Hemant Soren’s MLA representative, Pankaj Mishra, who is an accused in the illegal mining and transportation case, has filed a complaint case against the Assistant Director of Enforcement Directorate (ED), Ranchi, Debvrat Jha. The complaint has been lodged in the special court of ED, which has been accepted by the court of Prabhat Kumar Sharma.

It has been said in the complaint that the assistant director of ED has concealed facts. It has been said in the application that the case, on the basis of which the ED has filed a case in the money laundering case, is Barharwa police station case number 85 of 2020, which has been terminated at the local police station on the application of the applicant Vijay Hansda. But, the ED officials have filed a prosecution report hiding the facts.

In this case, the police had said in a press conference that apart from Pankaj Mishra, Minister Alamgir Alam was found innocent and the court also did not take cognizance against Pankaj Mishra. But the assistant director of ED has hidden this information from the ED court. Pankaj Mishra is not an accused in 85/20. For this reason, Pankaj Mishra has registered the case.

Notably, Mishra, who was arrested in the illegal mining case, is undergoing treatment at RIMS for the past several days. And a medical board has advised Pankaj Mishra to get treatment at the drug de-addiction centre.
The doctors’ team said that he is addicted to Fortwin injections and that he starts feeling restless when he is given a mild medicine. In such a situation, now the only option is the drug de-addiction center. Apart from that place, they cannot be treated anywhere else. At last, the board in its report has given permission to refer to the de-addiction centre, the same board's report was sent by the RIMS management to the jail administration.
Fortwin is a pain reliever and a mild sedative. Mishra has been taking this injection for six years. It is a synthetic narcotic drug, which is used by doctors to give mild sedation to the patient before an operation. The doctors involved in the medical board advised to consult a psychiatrist to get rid of the addiction of this drug. On the request of the board, on Wednesday, RIMS Psychiatrist, Dr Ajay Bakhla and junior doctors of his unit together started medicines to get rid of this drug addiction.
Mishra, MLA representative of CM Hemant Soren,  was arrested by the ED on July 19 last during the investigation in the Rs 1000 crore illegal mining case in Santhal area. The interrogation was started by taking him on remand. Meanwhile, Pankaj Mishra's health deteriorated and since then he is undergoing treatment in the paying ward of RIMS.

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