Rs 2.66 lakh was stolen fraudulantly from scooter of showroom cashier

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Rs 2.66 lakh was stolen fraudulantly from scooter of showroom cashier

Thursday, 06 October 2022 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

Miscreants targeted the cashier of Surjeet Bajaj showroom and fraudulently took Rs 2.66 lakh from the dickey of his scooter near Overhead Water tank in Shahjehanabad on  Tuesday; Shahjehanabad police have started investigation.

According to the police, the victim Manoharlal Sachdeva was on his way to home along with cash from the showroom in the night and as soon as he reached nead Overhead Water tank one of the fraudster approached that ants were on his back and to check when he stopped he was cheated.

The cash from the dickey was found stolen and later the victim approached the police and lodged a complaint against the fraud.

Police said that the victim works as cashier at Surjeet Bajaj showroom at DIG Bungalow and at his daily routine he was carrying the cash with him to his home which would be deposited next day in the bank and on his way he was cheated.

In his complaint the victim stated that one of the miscreant told that ants are on his back and while he stopped and tried to check another miscreant came and put a liquid on his head due to which it started itching in the body. 

The police have registered a case of stealing and fraud and have started further investigation.

Police suspect that the victim was intercepted and followed and targeted. The CCTV footage of the area would be searched in the investigation.

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