Work From Office (WFO): Beware of Office Politics

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Work From Office (WFO): Beware of Office Politics

Saturday, 14 May 2022 | Dhiraj Kumar

I have to admit. I hate it. I hate office politics or politics of any kind. Among the many disasters that

Covid-19 brought to this planet, on the brighter side, it helped eliminate office politics substantially.

As the office moved to the laptop in your bedroom on a Zoom call, office people with a penchant for

politics were cut off from their favourite pastime. Since everyone was compartmentalized into their

screen on zoom, the need for interference in others’ jobs had cut down drastically. Before Covid-19

the scheming individuals in every office would love to poke their nose into other’s work, gossip or

take credit for work not done by them, or even trounce their sworn office rivals with concocted lies

to snatch meaty opportunities. Post Covid-19 one was forced to be aloof with the happenings of the

organization, hence reducing the chance of indulging in politics.

The boss’s cabin is a source of constant observation for the office politicians. Their roving eyes

capture each moment of entry, stay, and exit of an individual inside the boss’s cabin. While the

individual chats with the boss, the politicians outside are twisting and turning in their seats,

wondering what could be the conversation about. A smile or a laugh could make the politician more

uncomfortable. A pat on the back of a colleague by the boss makes the scheming politician perspire

inside out. Fearing the worst, the politicians would make their move to impress the boss by

something random almost immediately, gaining temporary satisfaction of having neutralized the

influence of the colleague on the boss!

Straight-thinking people are always on the receiving end as they don’t scheme, plot, or play games in

offices. With years of corporate experience, studies are unable to prove if scheming political wizards

reach the race to the top in an organization Vs the non-scheming ordinary employees who

could/may lose trying to catch up with the politicians. Does only merit count at the top in the

corporate world? Straight thinkers will assume it is so.

Now with offices restarting, the demon of office politics will be back. The rage of office politics could

turn more lethal since the craving politicians who were unable to indulge in it due to Covid-19 will

get their claws back. The war between the crooked thinking people Vs straight thinking people will

be a cold war in every office. Turf battles that were subdued will resume becoming dominant issues.

Jealous colleagues will not spare anyone. How can non-politicians survive the toxic office

environment or a toxic individual?

Identify the politicians: In your office, you can easily identify the over-smart politicians consistently

trying to move someone else’s cheese. List them down and avoid them. If you can’t avoid them, deal

with them point to point. No extra interaction.

Make your circle: Good and genuine people must make their circle keeping the politicians out of that

exclusive circle so that goodness prevails and flows in the air. It's not difficult to find such people

across the organizations.


Step Out Of your Zone: A man is known by the company he keeps. Make friends of like-minded good

people in the organization by moving across departments to increase your circle of acquaintances.

Positive Attitude: No matter how much the office politician irritates you. Maintain your calm and be

positive. No matter how much he complains against you to the leadership. Maintain your calm. If

your work is perfect no one can touch you.

Giving It Back: If you have reached a point of no return and the politician has damaged your

reputation then there is no option but to give it back. A point-by-point genuine rebuttal without

manipulations (you must maintain your goodness and Genuity) is needed to counter the politician in

the same forums that he chose to damaged you.

I have personally implemented the above and found encouraging results. You must try the same!

Dhiraj Kumar is a writer and columnist based out of Mumbai and he is writing a biography book on a

world-renowned icon. He writes articles on climate change, politics, lifestyle, entertainment,

business and economy. He can be reached at Instagram @dhi_kum and his website

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