XLRI: Inspiring stories of female entrepreneurs come to fore

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XLRI: Inspiring stories of female entrepreneurs come to fore

Saturday, 06 August 2022 | PNS | Jamshedpur

XLRI’s Placement Committee hosted its annual Women Round Table Conclave – INSPIRUS with panelists comprising Aradhana Khaitan, Founder & Managing Director, Manya Education Pvt. Ltd.,  Anuranjita Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO, We-Ace, Masterchef Shipra Khanna, Indian Celebrity Chef, Author, Restaurateur, TV Personality and  Shalini Pillay, Office Managing Partner Bangalore & India Leader- Global Capability Centers, KPMG India.


The roundtable was held online on the media platform Zoom with XLRI’s Human Resource Management & General Management Area Faculty, Dr. Tina K. Stephan moderating the session. Members of the placement committee  Urvashi Kaul &  Divya Enamandra – both from the Placement Committee – were host and co-host for the event.


Speakers  Anuranjita Kumar and  Shalini Pillay shared the opinion that their success stories were also enabled with the help of their spouses who understood & supported throughout their professional and personal journey.


 Aradhana Khaitan seconded this thought and further added that it is also equally crucial to not restrain your ambitions based on the restrictive opinions and thoughts of the society around you. She spoke from her various personal experiences regarding the difficulties she had to face in order to pursue an education and the subsequent successful business venture she launched. While the most rebuttal came from her immediate family, she advised continuing to move forward without the worry or fear of the unknown outcomes holding you back. When you continue to follow your instincts relentlessly, things have a way of falling in the right place at the right time.  


 Shalini focused on women high on the corporate ladder and how they are subjected to sometimes question their full potential due to societal conditioning. She advised to never stop believing in oneself even when things get tricky and how the path ahead becomes narrower but clearer. In such situations helping and trusting each other to be able to nurture a better future leader is vital. 


Seamlessly fitting into it, Chef Shipra Khanna reiterated the importance of believing in yourself, especially once you are successful. She spoke of how difficult it is to maneuver a male-dominated culinary industry and how resilience and self-reliance can help women come out of their shells to reclaim one’s worth in society.


Anuranjita stressed how love, respect and security can shape a woman’s thinking, converting them into better leaders without the external pressures of living up to the roles that society expects them to. She talked about how leadership programmes in industries can help add to their leadership skills. Additionally,  Shalini talked about the KPMG women leadership network that facilitates a better, more encouraging workplace for women.

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