“Life is full of ups and downs, but never give up,” says T Lavanya

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“Life is full of ups and downs, but never give up,” says T Lavanya

Sunday, 12 June 2022 | Pioneer

“Life is full of ups and downs, but  never give up,” says T Lavanya

In today’s world, everyone is fighting a battle but there are only few stories that are inspiring and T Lavanya’s is something similar. She was a single and pampered child and got everything she wanted. Her parents also spent quality time with her so that she can explore her potential to the fullest. However, life took an ugly turn when her father incurred a huge loss in his business. She had to take the responsibility to support her  family financially.

Lavanya worked as life coach and taught kids in the oraphanges to build their self esteem. Later, even her married life was a heard one. After she parted ways with her partner, she started afresh and took all the challenges that life threw with a smiling face.

She also decided to adopt a child and convinced her parents too. In fact, her father surprised her and placed a day-old baby boy in her arms. This decision was the turning point in Lavanya’s life and it made her feel more content and confident.

She says: “I decided to explore my professional life as well. I succeeded as a trainer, leader, and entrepreneur. I also started travelling to many places to enrich my knowledge and explore as much as possible. But life had some more surprises left for me and I met my better half in one of the orphanages while attending an event. Despite being from different cultural and social backgrounds, we connected immediately and the best part was his bond with my son was inexplicably wonderful. He blended with my family so effortlessly well that we were bound to be connected.”

She is a Principal, Orchids -The International School, Perumbakkam

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