Are you secure?

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Are you secure?

Sunday, 23 January 2022 | Ajit Kumar Bishnoi

Are you secure?

Taking shelter of God is tough, because one has to give up ahankar, an intrinsic part of us, writes AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI

My honest answer is no; I don’t except, occasionally. As I am a thinking person, I am always looking for ways to feel secure. There are not so many ways; there is just one. I have to take shelter of God, period. As you may have guessed, I have tried every way, but nothing else could make me feel secure. Taking shelter of God is tough, very tough, because one has to give up ‘ahankar’ (ego) — an intrinsic part of us. This is the cosmic design.

The same cosmic design lets us know that we live in two worlds. Yes, there are two, not just one world. One is the material world, about which we are all aware of, and the other is the spiritual world. This world consists of God and those who have realised their identities as souls, i.e. ‘aham brahma asmi’. Both these worlds are governed by the ‘karmaphala’ principle, which in short means ‘what we sow we reap.’ All our acts, whether done by our minds, words or the rest of our bodies result in fruits, both good and bad, depending on whether they were good acts or bad acts.

Fortunately, in the spiritual world there are only good acts, i.e. spiritual acts, beginning from a silent prayer of a child asking for the well-being of his parents. Each such act is duly recorded for rewards in future. Lord Krishna states in the Bhagavad Gita, “Neither there is waste of effort here nor there is opposite effect. Even a little of this activity protects one from great fear.” (2.40) This goes on throughout one’s life. All acts add up and continue to be recorded. The question is: Have we totaled enough spiritual acts, especially by the time we reach old age, when we need them the most? Because knowingly or unknowingly we have also been accumulating bad material acts in the past, including in previous lives, which come to fruition at their appointed times. Why else are we here?

If we have been doing spiritual acts also, God gets involved, He is pleased. He manifests vis-à-vis the person/devotee concerned. He begins to take charge of that fortunate soul’s life. Guidance and help start arriving. God, being omniscient, is in perfect position to do so. Surprising as it may seem to some, God guides about everything material and spiritual. He even helps in changing people’s hearts in our favour, if God becomes so inclined. God also gives us strength to tolerate the inevitable miseries of this material world. Our present activities, i.e. ‘kriyamana’ become highly productive and efficient. Our ego begins to shrink. One becomes more and more dutiful both materially and spiritually.

Personally, I am much gratified when God bails me out of some punishment, which was due to me for bad acts done earlier God manages to do so without infringing on the ‘karmaphala’ principle. He takes into consideration the bad act done earlier, which is due for punishment. He also considers what spiritual acts have been accumulated, which could be used to mitigate the suffering. God has to ensure that His devotees never perishes, as promised by Him in the Gita verse #9.31. This means that the resultant suffering must be tolerable.

Having understood what the Lord does for us devotees, I am absolutely amazed. Not only do I feel more secure now than ever before, I am able to control my mind and senses better

Bishnoi is a spiritual writer and can be reached at

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