Explore inherent potential for right career choice

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Explore inherent potential for right career choice

Sunday, 06 November 2022 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo

Explore inherent potential for right career choice

By design, human beings are born with certain limitations. First, limited creativity. You can’t service even essential needs by oneself. You need support from others. Second, limited knowledge. Because of clouding of mind, we lack holistic understanding of the dynamics of life. Third, for the above reasons, we carry a sense of want. That breeds in an inherent sense of craving, desire, and futuristic aspirations. Fourth, we are bound by the limitations of time – seeing things in terms of past, present, and future. Often, we get stuck to impressions of the past and future dream perceptions. In the process, we fail to put quality efforts towards callings of the present, which sets the ground of future. Fifth, we are bound by the limitations of space and causation. That makes us bear with the consequences of the choices made and the actions thereto.

For reasons stated above, it is in human nature to look towards a better tomorrow. In that spirit, we begin life with high hopes and aspirations and accordingly set our dream destination. Dreams are necessary for reaching heights one is capable of, as they serve as a focus to endeavour towards the desired end. All through civilisational history, human beings have dreamt, which made us grow from our primitive stage to the developed world as on date. But not everybody’s dreams get fulfilled. Nonrealisation often brings in frustrating experiences. A large majority of those who fail to realise their dreams, try to fulfil it through their children. Caught up in this trap, they seldom try to figure out their inherent potential. Many of them also get carried away by the ongoing job market trends. When the children fail to perform on expected lines, frustrates two generations.

The other day, parents of a child about to finish his school education wished to explore his future educational prospects. Having read his astrological chart, I assured him that he will have higher education as would linkage of 4th and 9th house mean. In his case, 4th sub-lord Moon happens to be the 9th lord. 9th sub-lord Rahu is in the 4th house and tenanted in the nakshatra owned by Mercury, which also occupies the 4th house.

They then asked: “What academic discipline would you suggest? We wish him try for entry into an Engineering College, following which, he should do MBA. That will offer him good career prospect.” Well, 3rd house indicates the natural inclination. Moon, Mars, and Uranus occupy the 3rd house. Apparently, it may tempt him towards Armed/Police forces. But 3rd sub-lord is Rahu in the 4th house, tenanted in the nakshatra owned by Mercury in the 4th house itself. It may tempt him towards Engineering. However, the fact that Mercury is ill-disposed off to Moon and Mars implies that he lacks focus, persistence, and perseverance necessary for sustained study. Saturn’s aspect on Mercury is indicative of slow reflex and absorption level. So, Engineering doesn’t suit him.


Not happy with my contrarian observation, they asked: “Is there no way to improve his focus and overcome his mental limitations?” There are certainly ways and means for that, provided your child does it sincerely. That, however, would not come about easy for him, and will also take time. The world doesn’t necessarily move to your asking. Kindly appreciate that Engineering is not the only discipline to offer good career opportunities. Other fields do also make ground for a lucrative career. The field in which your child could excel will provide him with the best possible job opportunity.

Since career is dependent on academic background, it is desirable to have a look into the houses signifying probable options – the 2nd, 6th, and 10th. Second sign as well as its sub-lord signifying source of income is Jupiter tenanted in Mercury owned 10th house. The two put together indicate arts stream, particularly law, philosophy, and accounting. Venus occupies the 6th house identified with the field in which he may toil and success in his endeavour. Venus is the natural significator of finance and chemistry. Even 6th sub-lord Sun in exaltation occupies the nakshatra owned by Venus. 10th sub-lord Rahu occupies the nakshatra owned by Mercury. So, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury will define his career prospect. The choices emerging are Law, Economics, Commerce, and Chemistry. Given the position of exalted Sun, well aligned with Uranus, may provide ground for high position in government. Let the child take the final call. But whatever field he opts for, for a good performance, he needs to follow the exercise suggested to improve focus.


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