Half-truth drive you crazy

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Half-truth drive you crazy

Sunday, 11 September 2022 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo

Half-truth drive you crazy

What meets our eyes, people look at it in one’s own perspective. Others may have altogether different perspective, contextually relevant from their angle. So, more often ordinary mortals are driven by half-truth, larger picture eluding one’s attention. That holds the key to all the pains and sufferings in life. No wonder, the living world is called ‘Maya’ (illusion). It is not that life as such would be a myth. It does exist for real, as it is in reckoning, and continuously engaged in creativity. How can we call such a vibrant life as an illusion. But then, illusion is there in mind, which drives you crazy.

The root cause for all unseemly mind-play is lack of awareness about indwelling empowerment tools and chemistry of mind. Going by Indian philosophy, three fundamental energies drive a being – Sata, Rajasa and Tamasa – complementing and supporting each other. Sata makes you visualise, ideate, discriminate and evaluate. Rajasa is the activating force driven by passion and desire. Tamasa is purposefully loaded with its inherent sense of inertia. Once Sata ideates or takes cognisance of an issue in hand, Tamasa makes you take a pause, self-reflect, pick up the right lead, and articulate your actions intelligently before allowing Rajasa get going. You are then able to discriminate between ‘what you want’ and ‘what is right’ in so far as your passions and desires are concerned. Also, it makes you evaluate external promptings or challenges ahead and intelligently react and respond.

What further complicates our thought process is our unique preconditioned mind, each manifesting varying desire and mind-trends, often in conflict with others, coming as it may as Karmic carryover from the past.  That narrows our vision. What further complicates our mind-play is our sense of Ahamkara (Ego consciousness), which identifies itself with the inherent trends, as if that would be its end game. It doesn’t let you go beyond for a reality check or look for a better option if any. Also, it makes you take external stimuli on its face value and tempts you to react or respond on instinctive judgment without applying proper forethought. Caught up in its trap, we fail to invoke another exclusive human privilege – Buddhi (faculty of discriminate intelligence). Applying this exclusive virtue, one could dispassionately explore, evaluate, discriminate and pick up the most appropriate lead. The irony, however, is that unlike habit tendencies that keep playing involuntarily from the front, discriminating faculty needs to be consciously invoked before taking any call.

The question now is: how to get over these limitations of mind? What is interesting to note here is that mind is a versatile multifaceted instrument. It could also self-reflect, identify and acknowledge its own limitations, and address them through fresh educative inputs. Provided we are on full alert to consciously and optimally use our faculties in time. Here again, ahamkara doesn’t ordinarily let you identify your own fault lines. Astrology then comes handy. For, it dispassionately reads through energy signature of a being to figure out the inherent mind-trends, both potential and limitations, with a fair amount of precision. The paradox, however, is that caught up in our usual mills of life, we are not left with the mind-space necessary for the purpose. What’s the way forward then? Answer lies in purifying the mind of its limitations by pursuing dhyana under the guidance of a proven guide. Also develop awareness. Your vision will expand, whence you will begin looking at things with an open mind without any preconditioning whatsoever. You may then have a larger view, will take things in the right perspective due and pick up right lead. Life may turn into a pleasant experience.

A case in point is of someone, who even in his late fifties continues to be guided by half-truth. Mind indicator Moon is placed adverse to limiting Saturn, which occupies the nakshatra owned by Mars, the 9th lord identified with father. His father brought him up a hard way to let him become strong enough to face the challenges ahead in stride. Father also knew that his son was not shrewd enough to do justice to the callings of his family business. So, he wanted him to work towards a career suited to him. But then afflicted Moon is also conjunct mischievous Neptune. That holds the key to his illusionary perceptions. He nurses grudge against his father being wronged by him. He could not see things from father’s perspective. So, he continues carrying hurt feelings. That has adversely affected his inter-personal relationship skills, and evidently to his detriment.   


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