Kalinga Literary fest to honor writers from India and Nepal

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Kalinga Literary fest to honor writers from India and Nepal

Sunday, 13 November 2022 | Pioneer

The Kalinga Literary Festival has announced to bestow Nepal Yashaswi Book Awards on 15 writers in 15 different categories from 2023.

From next year, the organization will award this title to two writers from India and Nepal.

“From the next edition, Kathmandu-Kalinga Literary Festival will introduce Nepal Yashaswi Book Awards to 15 writers in 15 categories. The awards are given in various categories including fiction and non-fiction books, poetry, books in translation, business and strategic affairs, environmental, biographical and autobiographical, children, sports, lifestyle and emerging trend books,” the official release by the organizers of the festival stated.

Over 400 writers, artists, performers and performers will join the annual festival announced for the three days of September 2023.

Under the festival, the authors will be taking part in a host of conversations, workshops, debates, panel discussions, straight talks, and more. The organizers have released a three-day-long schedule with a star lineup of international and national writers.

The festival is organized by Yashaswi Pragya Pratisthan, Himalayan Diary Pvt Ltd, Nepal and Kalinga Literary Festival from India.

As per the organizers, the books will be selected from those submitted and nominated by publishers, and writers across all categories and the winners will be felicitated and awarded during the annual Kathmandu – Kalinga Literary Festival.

The award consists of a prize, a trophy and a specially designed citation for display on the award-winning books.

“The Kathmandu – Kalinga Literary Festival will strengthen the cultural dialogue, religious as well as literary perspective and prolonged relations between Nepal and India,” the organizers stated in the release.

Legendary writers from India like Ashok Vajpayee, Arun Kamal, Ranjit Rae, Anand Nelkanthan, OM Tanvi, Gagam Gill, Malini Awasthi, Dr Sudha Gopalakrishnan, Ashok Maheswari (MD Raj-kamal Prakashan), Satyanand Nirupam (Editorial Director, Rajkamal Prakashan Group), Noted Bollywood actor, Lyricist Piyush Mishra, took part from India in this year’s edition.

Moreover from Nepal, noted poet and folklore expert Tulasi Diwasa, acclaimed writer, Journalist Kanak Mani Dixit, noted artist Ragini Upadhyay, Maya Thakuri, Dr Jagman Gurung, Dinesh Adhikari, Prof Gopal Bhandari, Yuvraj Ghimire, Prof Basudev Tripathi, Dhirendra Premarashi, Nayan Raje Pandey, Ashes Malla and others joined the festival.

“The purpose of the award is to contribute to debates and discourses in the national and global public sphere and encourage more thoughtful, reflective, unique and inspiring contributions. There will be dedicated sessions on these books by the authors and erudite reviewers to enrich the intellectual discussion at Kathmandu- Kalinga Literary Festival,” Rashmi Ranjan Parida, founder and director of Kalinga Literary Festival, said in a statement.

“Kathmandu – Kalinga Literary Festival will showcase literature, music, dance, poetry and other art forms. It will be a lifetime experience the lovers of literature, Music, Dance, art, and poetry . The Festival will celebrate the long-standing ties between Nepal and India in the context of the emerging global cultures,” said KLF Founder and Director, Rashmi Ranjan Parida.

Annual Kalinga Literary Festival and Mystic Kalinga Fest celebrate the creative spirit of India and commemorate the literary diversity it offers, bringing it into conversation with the best minds in the world of literature within and outside of Odisha and India.

Authors, academics, policymakers, literary-cultural, political and social activists, lawmakers, government officials, corporate leaders, spiritual thinkers, students and people from all walks of life participate in the vibrant atmosphere of the festival and exchange opinions on their favourite authors and works.


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