Nature stipulates living for each other

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Nature stipulates living for each other

Sunday, 18 September 2022 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo

Nature stipulates living for each other

All about life is how we relate to the self, those around and overall environment. The reason: the world happens to be a unified organism where no existence has a reality independent of the whole. So, any happening, good or bad, at one end of the world carries the potential to engulf the whole. For the good to extend its influence, may take its own time, but negatives impact the world faster. The recent pandemic has been a glaring example. In this scheme of things, no individual could be ever born complete in one’s own right. Born with limited creative ability and knowledge, one can’t service even one’s bare existential needs in one’s own right. But efforts of all such imperfects put together, make out a self-sustaining world. So, we have a shared destiny. We survive on common pool of resources provided by nature – earth matter, water, air, sunlight, and space, available in equal proportion to all. It also implies that the whole living order needs to be in good shape to secure wellbeing of even individuals. That calls for being conscious about our collective obligations even while pursuing one’s own aspirational urges and be in accord with the whole. We can’t afford to ignore this existential truth of life. All species, but for human beings, live in conformity with the calling of this living reality. For, they follow the design parameters underlying their conduct, and with no scope for making any exception.

Human beings on the contrary, are empowered to guide their actions by choice.  But whenever choice option is available, it carries equal probability of use and misuse. So, any undesirable conduct on their part could disturb familial and societal dynamics. What further complicates the problem is the unique nature of every being, each manifesting varied desire and mind-trends, coming as it may as Karmic carryover from the past, often in conflict with others. If that would not be enough, ahamkara further plays spoil sport by identifying itself with inherent nature of a being, as if that would be its end game. That breeds in self-centric attitude, whereby one would wish to live on one’s own exclusive terms. They try to live in a demanding mode to their whims and fancies, not much bothered about other’s sensibilities and concerns. Not to say anything on the need to service their collective obligations. Driven by such narrow vision, the world turns out to be a natural breeding ground for conflict of interests and thoughts. That calls for a lesson in inter-personal-relationship skills.

As a case study, a look into astrological pointers to personality trends of a feuding couple becomes imperative. The man is born in Aries lagna, which speaks of his impulsive, aggressive, irritable and impatient nature. He would wish to be at the head of things and would wish to conduct in a demanding mode. Any external provocation, even minor in nature, he may become loud. He may jump into action without applying proper forethought. Sun conjunct Saturn is placed opposite Moon. It, in the first place is indicative of inherent sense of fear and insecurity. He would be suffering from identity crisis. He may take any contrarian view as an affront on his individual worthiness. Second, faced with challenges, he comes under stress. Third, he has a fixated one-track mind, not open to look beyond for a reality check or in search of better option if any. Sun placed adverse to Venus holds the key to his volatile emotionality, whereby he gets overexercised even on trivial issues. In the heat of moment, he loses his sense of reasons.

The lady is born in Sagittarius sign, which means that she would be tactless and undiplomatic, known for her ill-timed and indiscrete statements that may offend others. With her Gemini Moon sign, she would wish to live on her own exclusive terms, in a demanding mode. She would entertain only yes persons. Any contrarian view, and she may go wild. Jupiter conjunct mischievous Neptune is opposite the Moon. That binds her to illusional dream perceptions, often distant from ground reality. Saturn conjunct Mars makes her temperamental, and suspicious of other’s intent. Mars ill-disposed off to Jupiter speaks of an inflated ego, which narrows down the vision to self-beliefs and perceptions and not open to look beyond for a reality check. And the result is there to see.

Despite all the short comings, they both are basically well-meaning persons. So, if they work upon their own habit tendencies, and develop awareness, life may turn into a beautiful experience.  


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