Embracing Life… the utmost need

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Embracing Life… the utmost need

Tuesday, 26 September 2023 | Sakshi Sethi

Embracing Life… the utmost need

This autumn, let go of the things that trouble you; let them fall like dried leaves

Our heart is wide enough to embrace the world and hands are long enough to encompass the world.” Life can be a beautifully complex tapestry, where on the surface, everything seems picture perfect -the marriage, the career, the health and the loving family all paint a pretty picture. But in quiet moments, when the thoughts drift and one finds yearning for something more or something different, then it’s time to listen to that inner voice. It’s not about dissatisfaction, rather it’s about growth.

In a world that often tells everyone to stick with the status quo, this is the permission slip to break free from those chains and chase dreams. In a world often defined by expectations and conformity, embracing the authentic self is a superpower that can propel an individual to move forward.

As a younger self, everyone had a sense of naivety that allowed them to approach the world with curiosity and fearlessness. With time and growth, the brains get wired to keep themselves safe which in turn leads to making to resist change. But if tapped into that childlike sense of wonder, one can embrace change with excitement and enthusiasm. One needs to trust the process and keep moving forward. One shouldn’t be afraid to take risks and try new things. With a bit of naivety, an individual can approach change with a fresh perspective and an open mind.

To make a change, one needs to determine the value of the change. As a human being, one doesn't do things simply for the sake of doing them, rather one needs to have a purpose, value or benefit.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be scary but it’s where the opportunities and growth lie. Moving to a new frequency may crumble some aspects of life, but at the same time will also make room for new opportunities and experiences. There is no denying the fact that change can be scary but everyone must face it. It’s the words and perceptions of an individual that matter and make an impact on the behaviour and actions. Reframing the way an individual thinks about change is very valuable in whether one worries about it or embraces it. One needs to stop thinking about embracing change as the big bad wolf—"scary," "uncertain" and "negative” and start thinking about it as an adventure and a fun experience where they learn, grow and have fun in the process.

Remember, there is no better time than autumn to begin forgetting the things that trouble us, allowing them to fall away like dried leaves.

(The writer is an educator; views are personal)

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