Glaucoma awareness rally held by the staff of Sewa Sadan Hospital

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Glaucoma awareness rally held by the staff of Sewa Sadan Hospital

Wednesday, 22 March 2023 | Staff Reporter | BHOPAL

Eminent Glaucoma specialist and paramedical staff of the sewa sadan eye hospital held a Glaucoma awareness rally at Lalghati square yesterday. Main objective of organizing rally was to spread awareness against dreaded Glaucoma diseases in the society.

People assembled in the rally were told the measures of eye care from this disease. On the occasion Glaucoma specialist Dr. Samta Patel, Dr Sapna Prashant, Dr Deepa Raidas and Sr ophthalmologist Dr Kavita Gupta and Dr. Sarita Kumar were also present.

Dr Samta Patel told that the Glaucoma is a slow and silent vision killer disease. She told that the old cataract patients who negligently avoid their surgery mainly suffer from this dreaded disease after spending long term. Dr. Samta told that there is no treatment of the patient who has once lost his/her vision.

Dr Deepa Raidas said that the Glaucoma patients see colored circles around bulb. Their vision area is also reduced. Patients always feel pain in the eyes and dazzled view. She further said that due to the dryness in optic nerve the patient gradually loose his/ her vision.

Dr Sapna Prashant said that the people of 50 plus age should regularly consult with the Glaucoma specialist and ailing patient should undergo for their Glaucoma surgery and take proper medicines with the consultation of doctor.

Eye surgeons and paramedical staff also held one candle march in the evening. Candle march attract the attention of pedestrians. Managing trustee of SSEH L.C. Janiyani said that this disease spread slowly and silently.

Therefore the patients should immediately consult the glaucoma specialist and start treatment for proper eye care. Manager duo Bharti Janiyani and  Kushal Dharmani were also present in the rally and candle march.

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