Govt to scrap old vehicles

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Govt to scrap old vehicles

Saturday, 04 February 2023 | PNS | | Lucknow

In light of the policy to scrap government vehicles older than 15 years in the state, the Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh will scrap all such government vehicles before April 1, 2023.

The Union Ministry of Road Transport has issued a draft notification under which all 15-year-old vehicles of the Central and state governments will have to be scrapped. The new rule will also be mandatory for buses and other vehicles of corporations and the Transport department.

According to the intention of the Union Ministry of Road Transport, the state government is encouraging private vehicles older than 15 years, as well as old vehicles used in departments, to be scrapped. Milestones have been fixed for this.

A letter regarding scrapping government/semi-government vehicles of 15 years or more in the Registration and Functions of Vehicle Scrapping Facility (RVSF) was issued on 23-01-2023 with Google sheet for information about vehicles. Notification date 28-11-2022 provided for 15 per cent relaxation in road tax for private vehicles and 10 per cent of total tax on eight years for commercial vehicles.

One-time waiver of pending liability on old vehicles is under process. All heads of offices have been asked to fill in the information about 15 years old vehicles of their department by February 5, 2023 so that further action can be completed.

An amount of Rs 2,000 crore has been earmarked for the promotion of this part. This assistance or incentive will be on a “first come first served” basis and the states will have to achieve certain milestones.

The state has to achieve Milestone-1 and Milestone-2 to become eligible for incentive grant under this scheme. After achieving each milestone, the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways will pay Rs 300 crore to the state government.

Under Milestone-1, it will be mandatory to issue government orders to scrap all government-owned vehicles older than 15 years in RVSF. This order should be issued by the competent department of the state government clearly mentioning the required number of vehicles in all departments, local bodies, undertakings etc. which will be scrapped and the time by which they will be disposed of through RVSF.

Apart from that, it will be ensured to provide motor vehicle tax concessions on vehicles and to grant a one-time waiver of pending dues on old vehicles cancelled in RVSF for at least one year.

Under Milestone-2, all government vehicles older than 15 years will be scrapped as per the selected criteria. Under this, the total number of vehicles scrapped should be at least equal to the number of vehicles specified in the government order issued by the state government. All vehicles should be scrapped at RVSF only.

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