High speeds on NH 33 contributing to alarming rise in road mishaps

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High speeds on NH 33 contributing to alarming rise in road mishaps

Thursday, 25 May 2023 | PNS | Jamshedpur

The National Highway 33 has witnessed an alarming increase in road mishaps attributed to high speeds, prompting concerns over public safety. A meeting of the Traffic and Road Safety Committee reveals a significant correlation between excessive speed and the occurrence of accidents on this major roadway.

The National Highway, known for its high traffic volume and long stretches, has become a hotbed for reckless driving practices. In a meeting of the Traffic and Road Safety Committee organised under the chairmanship of District Transport Officer Dinesh Ranjan at Collectorate Auditorium, Jamshedpur, an in-depth review was made of the road accidents that took place last month, their causes and how these accidents can be prevented. There were 22 road accidents in the month of April in which 14 died and 9 were injured. The officials reviewed all the accident sites.

The high speed of vehicles was said to be the main reason for the road accidents happening on the National Highway. In 34 cases of hit and run, so far compensation has been paid to 22 victim families, 12 are under process. The compensation payment was directed by the DTO to speed up the process as soon as possible.

It was revealed that action was taken to suspend 496 driving licenses in the month of April on the recommendation of Traffic DSP. At the same time, a fine of about Rs 40 lakh was collected from those caught violating the traffic rules. The representative of Tata Steel UISL was directed by the DTO regarding installation of signals at all the proposed sites.

Complete security measures have been taken at 4 out of 6 black spots identified in the district. The education department was directed to launch a massive awareness campaign in schools as soon as the summer vacation is over. Continuous action is being taken against the sale of illegal liquor in line hotels and dhabas in order to avoid road accidents due to drinking and driving on NH and state highways. The Excise Department registered a total of 6 cases in which 01 people have been sent to jail.

The District Transport Officer Dinesh Ranjan said that the scheme of providing Rs 5000 and citation is implemented to encourage the Good Samaritan who helped the person injured in the road accident and helped to reach the hospital in the Golden Hour. Is. He appealed to the common citizens to help in taking the injured to the hospital, life can be saved if the seriously injured get medical treatment in the golden hour.

Chaired by the Head of the Traffic and Road Safety Department, the committee comprised key stakeholders including representatives from the transportation authority, law enforcement agencies, emergency services, and road safety advocacy groups. The meeting served as a platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and decision-making to develop a comprehensive action plan.

Kamal Kishore, DSP Traffic, representatives of NHAI, Excise Department, Road Division, Road Safety team, Tata Motors, Bus Association and other stakeholders were present in the meeting.

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