Police issue instructions on safety for Durga Puja celebrations

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Police issue instructions on safety for Durga Puja celebrations

Wednesday, 27 September 2023 | PNS | Jamshedpur

As the festive season of Durga Puja approaches, the East Singhbhum police administration, under the leadership of Senior Superintendent of Police Kaushal Kishore, convened a crucial meeting in collaboration with the Jamshedpur Kendriya Durga Puja Samity. The primary objective of this gathering was to issue essential instructions to the various Puja committees, ensuring the peaceful and harmonious celebration of the festival.

During the meeting, Senior SP emphasised the need to maintain a serene atmosphere during the festivities. He highlighted that the administration is committed to curbing noise pollution in the city during this period, citing concerns for senior citizens and students preparing for examinations. "It is noticed that people organize religious and cultural events during this season, often using loudspeakers and amplifiers until late hours. This can be disruptive for students who are studying for their exams. We will not allow such disturbances," he stated firmly.

Kishore also reassured the public that the police force is ready to provide assistance promptly. He announced that Puja revelers can dial 100 for immediate police assistance, ensuring their safety and security during late-night pandal-hopping excursions.

Officials present at the meeting revealed that the utility company has expressed interest in transforming Domuhani Ghat into a model ghat, particularly for immersion purposes.

Addressing a common issue faced by Puja committees, the Samity urged committees to simplify their celebrations and refrain from imposing forced donations on traders and residents. The apex body emphasized the importance of basic necessities and emergency preparedness, including fire safety.

Addressing the concerns surrounding safety, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) his commitment to ensuring a safe and incident-free Puja celebration this year. He urged puja committees to prioritize the provision of adequate entry and exit points in their pandals, emphasizing the importance of safety over aesthetic beauty.

Furthermore, Kaushal Kishore raised concerns about the consumption of liquor by volunteers, which can lead to chaotic situations during the festivities. He encouraged committees to take proper electrical connections to minimize the risk of short circuits.

With parking becoming a significant concern in the city, the SSP has directed the Traffic Deputy Superintendent of Police and other traffic officials to develop a parking plan for major puja pandals in the city. He also warned that action would be taken against pandals found violating noise regulations after 10 pm.

Officials of the Jamshedpur Kendriya Durga Puja Samity, highlighted the need to keep river water clean following idol immersions, particularly in light of the increased cases of vector-borne diseases. The Jamshedpur Kendriya Durga Puja Samity, overseeing the organization of the festival, includes 400 small and large puja committees in the city.

With these measures in place, the authorities aim to ensure that Durga Puja celebrations in Jamshedpur are not only vibrant and culturally rich but also safe and environmentally responsible.

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