Science Center will increase scientific interest among students

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Science Center will increase scientific interest among students

Wednesday, 27 September 2023 | Staff Reporter | BHOPAL

Students will have to move away from following the instructions and move towards applying the mind so that their scientific development and understanding can be implemented, said Omprakash Saklecha, Minister of Science and Technology .

Sakhalecha was speaking at the inauguration of MPCST Science Centre. He said in his statement that the basic work of MPCST is to increase interest in science among the general public and through this Science Centre, this work seems to be bearing fruit. I congratulate all the scientists and the department. He said in his statement that our entire religion is based on science. There is a science behind every natural phenomenon and every child should know about this science.

He said that toys have great importance in Indian tradition and it is through these toys that we have learned science. The Indian education system has also been based on experimental science. Science itself is taking us towards self-reliant India. He said that science is complex but to understand it easily, it is very important to go towards experimental science and this science center has been built keeping this in mind.It is known that the Science Center has been established in Madhya Pradesh Council of Science and Technology, Bhopal under the Department of Science and Technology, Government of Madhya Pradesh in collaboration with IIT Gandhinagar and IIT Indore.

Under the Science Centre, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) based workshops and shows as well as daily interactive science based capacity building programs will be organized for teachers and students.On this occasion,

Anil Kothari, Director General, MPCST, said that through the Creative Learning Centre, the Science Center at Mapcast has been created as per the need of today with the aim of creating do-it-yourself as well as interest and interest in future scientists.

This will not only increase logic and reasoning in children but will also make an important contribution in increasing science tourism. Through this center, we will be able to run capacity building programs for students and teachers, there will be daily scientific shows for the general public, scientific orientation, construction of various scientific galleries and all this will be free of cost. This science center will be run with a participatory and innovative approach.

On this occasion, Principal Secretary of Madhya Pradesh Government, Science and Technology Department, Nikunj Srivastava, who was presiding over the program, in his statement congratulated Mapcast and IIT Gandhinagar and said that the contract made in December 2022 has come true. Through this science center we will work on how to make science interesting. Children understand science better in an experimental way, there is involvement of the child with the concept, we will implement it through this science center.

The Education Department and Tribal Department will also be connected through this center so that the teachers and students there can take full advantage of this science center and future mathematicians and scientists can be formed from here.IIIT Director Dr Ashutosh Singh also addressed the programme. In his address, he said that science not only helps us in our development but science also touches many aspects of our lives.

Science is our lifestyle. If the world is to be conquered then science will have to be completely adopted.The program was also addressed by Dr. Sunil Gupta, Vice Chancellor of Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal. In his address, he said that science is a thinking and it is also a way of life. On this occasion, a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) based capacity building workshop was also organized by the Creative Learning Center of IIT Gandhinagar for researchers, science teachers, professors. In this workshop, various STEM experiments were explained by Professor Manish Jain, Head of Creative Learning Center of IIT Gandhinagar and his team. He did interesting experiments based on creative learning, creative thinking, problem solving, product design, various experiments based on design development, experiments related to force work and energy, related to liquid nitrogen gas, path of movement of the sun, application of science in daily tasks.

On this occasion, Director of State Education Center S. Dhanuraju, Commissioner of Tribal Affairs Department Sanjeev Singh, Deputy Secretary of Madhya Pradesh Government, Science and Technology Department Aditya Singh, scientists of the Council, professors, researchers, teachers and students from various institutions of Bhopal were present. The program was conducted by Dr. Rajesh Sharma, Senior Principal Scientist of the Council.

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