Students throng election booths

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Students throng election booths

Saturday, 23 September 2023 | Staff Reporter | New Delhi

Students participating in the Delhi University Students’ Union elections on Friday expressed hope that students’ leaders will “work tirelessly and improve the campus environment.” For most of them, this was the first opportunity to vote in the campus elections. The Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) elections were last held in 2019. The elections could not be held in 2020 and 2021 due to Covid-19 while possible disruptions to the academic calendar prevented its conduct in 2022.

Tanupriya, a first-year student of Hansarj College, said they hope for the students’ leaders will “work tirelessly and improve the campus environment.”

Aastha Verma, another first-year student of Hansraj College, said the outcome of the elections will impact not only the university’s future but also their education. Vaishali, a fresher from Miranda House, said several changes are needed to enhance the campus experience and added that the students are eagerly waiting for the promises made by students’ leaders to become a reality.

“Students from all around the world come here for education. Several changes are needed to enhance the campus experience. The candidates have made sweeping promises and all students are eagerly anticipating the moment when these promises will turn into a reality,” she said.

The voting process for students of day classes concluded at 1 pm while those in evening classes can cast their votes till 7.30 pm.

Shambhavi, a first-year student at Campus Law Centre, however, expressed disappointment with the experience.

She said, “I experienced this (election process) for the first time and did not like it much. They (students) wasted lot of papers. I found two candidates who spoke about this — one of them actually cleaned the papers and another used leaves for campaigning.” Kritarth Apurva, a first-time voter from Kirori Mal College, however, loved the experience.

“I am a first-year student and it was a great experience for me because I haven’t voted in any other elections. It was a practice for me ahead of next year’s Lok Sabha elections.”

Students thronged the polling booths on Friday to cast their votes. Many second- and third-year students who are experiencing the election process for the first time also expressed their excitement at being able to take part in the campus polls.

Enhanced security during college fests, menstrual leaves and the presence of women cops outside campuses were the core issues for female students as they cast their votes in the Delhi University Students’ Union elections on Friday. Miranda House student Nikita highlighted the issue of security, especially during college fests.

“On numerous occasions, some women have found themselves in unexpected and alarming situations during these festivities. Incidents like these dampen the students’ mood and also raise concern about their safety,” she said.

Ritika, a second-year student of the college, urged the university administration to prioritise security during such events.

Bhumi, another student of the college, emphasised the need for proactive measures outside the campus. She proposed the presence of both female and male police personnel in the vicinity of girls’ colleges to ensure discipline and safety.

Nimisha, a final-year student, echoed her collegemates’ sentiments and added that there should be menstrual leaves. The ABVP and the NSUI released separate manifestos for women voters in the run-up to the polls. The NSUI, in its women’s manifesto, has promised menstrual leaves, emergency response system for distress calls and increased police patrolling outside colleges.

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