Yati claims gang active giving fake building permission in State capital

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Yati claims gang active giving fake building permission in State capital

Tuesday, 26 September 2023 | Staff Reporter | BHOPAL

The problem of constructing houses through fake building permissions is now becoming bigger. MIC member and Ward-83 councilor Ravindra Yati has claimed that a gang is active in this matter.

Yati said that some architects and corporation employees may also be part of this nexus.

Making a new map by copying and pasting the map of someone else's zone or issuing a permit from the time of municipality as a new one is the work of this gang. However, even after four days of such a huge irregularity surfaced, the building permission branch has not registered any complaint.

The Corporation Commissioner has assigned the responsibility to ADC Pawan Singh to investigate this matter.

Last Wednesday, the Building Permission Branch had taken action to demolish such fake constructions. It took eight months for the corporation staff to take this action because the MIC member had complained about this to the commissioner eight months ago. Four days have passed since this action.

Chief City Planner Neeraj Anand Likhar had given a statement that instructions have been given to the concerned AE to lodge an FIR. The situation is such that no complaint has been filed in Kolar police station in these four days. MIC member Ravindra Yati says that this is not the work of any one person. This is a gang, which is active. Investigative agencies like Lokayukta or EOW should also take cognizance of this.

Chief City Planner (CCP) Neeraj Anand Likhar said that in the case where we found fake documents, we have taken action. The police can question the person in whose name the fake permit has been issued. We don't have any such method, so how can we investigate.  This error has been made using the digital signature of the earlier AE.

Corporation Commissioner Frank Noble A said that the MIC member has complained that many illegal constructions have been done in the Kolar area on the basis of fake building permits. Therefore, the responsibility of investigating the entire matter has been handed over to Additional Commissioner Pawan Singh.

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