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CM announces marketing hubs for weavers, zardozi artisans

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Taking on the Bharatiya Janata Party's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, Chief Minster Akhilesh Yadav said that as the election was nearing, some political parties were trying to compete with the rallies of Samajwadi Party in the state and were gathering crowds for this.  

"The parties even want to compete with Uttar Pradesh in the achievements of their government. Gujarat is a small state. It is alleged that milk production is less in UP and the number of cattle has declined. All these are false claims as in reality, UP leads in milk production and cattle 

population," Yadav, who is also the state president of the ruling Samajwadi Party, said while addressing a function organised by Muslim clerics and UP Scholars Association 

at Sangeet Natak Academy here on Saturday. Commenting on the criticism of Muzaffarnagar riots by other political parties, Yadav said whatever happened in Muzaffarnagar and its adjoining districts was sad, but the Government made all efforts to control the rioters. He said that Army was deployed immediately in the city areas but the Government was not aware of the large-scale planning due to which the riots spread to the rural areas. "There several incidents took place in Roorkee, Faizabad, and other places to which the BJP workers tired to give a communal colour," he added. 

Yadav said that after the communal riots in Muzaffarnagar, the state Government made several arrangements for the victims, who were not only given compensation but also employment in many cases.He pointed out that the Supreme Court was directly monitoring the relief works and it was satisfied with the Government's efforts but some parties were still criticising the Government. 

The Chief Minister announced that marketing hubs would soon be opened in Mau and Lucknow to help the local weavers and zardozi artisans."It has been seen that the local weavers and zardozi artisans who do not have their own shop to sell their articles away from markets. The marketing hub in Mau will be constructed at a cost of `5 crore and 30 acre land belonging to the UP Housing and Development Board has been identified for constructing the hub in the state capital," he added.

Yadav said the weavers and zardozi artisans would be provide space in the marketing hub for selling their products. 

"Not only this, those who want to make and sell their products there, will be provided space there. The Government will not charge even a single penny for these facilities," he added. 

The Chief Minister said that several entrepreneurs were offering their products for the state government's scheme to distribute sarees to the poor people but the Government had decided to purchase 60 per cent of the total requirement directly from weavers.  

Regarding development of minority concentrated districts,

the Chief Minister said it was found that the power distribution system was inadequate in Mau district as several electricity equipment were lying defunct at many places. He said underground power cables would be laid in the district to improve the distribution network so that proper power supply could be maintained. He said proper power supply would help in development of weavers and their uplift.

"We all know that Bhadohi is famous for its carpets which are also exported. The roads connecting Bhadohi with the district headquarters have been widened to improve transportation," he added.

While praising Health and Family Welfare Minister Ahmad Hasan for initiating new health schemes, Yadav said the previous regime had brought nearly all the health schemes to a standstill and many health officials were jailed in corruption cases. But Hasan had started ambulance services, free medical tests at government hospitals and had brought the health services back on track. 

"Through the 108 Ambulance Service, as many as 15,000 people got employment, while many others were employed through community and primary health centres. Even the Central agencies accept this," he added. Speaking on the occasion, Hasan said that SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav had made a place for himself amongst Muslims because mosques and madarsas remained safe during his regime and now the present Chief Minister was following in the footsteps of his father. "I have seen a letter sent by the Chief Minister to the Prime Minister on April 22, 2013. In the 20-page letter, he has demanded that rights be given to Muslims as recommended by Sachar Committee and reservation be given to the community in government jobs," he added. Praising the Chief Minister for controlling the Muzaffarnagar riots and taking action against the rioters, Hasan said the communal violence was the result of the conspiracy of Bharatiya Janata Party. He said that no one had been arrested in connection with the riots that took place in different parts of the country, but Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav sent 319 people, including MLAs, to jail for their role in the Muzaffarnagar riots.




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