QUERY: Hi, my name is Ankita Vats. I am confused about my career. My parents want me to pursue Medicine but I am more interested in Accounts. My date of birth is December 26, 2003, born in Kanpur.

BHATT: Your birth sign is Capricorn and it is the quality of this earthy sign that they people goes a long way in their career path as they never leave their self-believe and stay committed till the end and ultimately reach the top where they shine high. Your stars show you are generous, wise and logical by nature. You are highly ambitious and hardworking, but you would prefer the fields that can give you power, status, and security. You avoid taking the risk, therefore, you will opt for the tried and tested paths instead of taking the road less travelled.  There will be a huge opportunity for advancement in professional life, and this will propel you forward. You are the most materialistic sign of the zodiac, you are best suited to establishing value and keeping track of what the market will bear.

Finance: It’s natural in Capricorns that they grow up learning the ins and outs of compound interest and the joys of asset management. So any job related to finance and accounts are no doubt best suited for you. The best option for you is to take commerce and pursue a career in accounts or finance advisor. You are advised to strictly avoid taking risks, which can destabilise your financial situation.

Real Estate: This career is perfect for you as it allows you to put heart and soul into a project and return a big profit in a very short time. Independent wealth won't happen overnight, but eventually, you will climb the property ladder.

Management: You have an innate managerial ability. As you have the strength to recognise what is dysfunctional and what changes are required. In this field you will have the significant opportunities for career move, promotion and options to remain progressive in business matters.

IT: This field can also prove a good choice for you. Just bring up the words Java or Linux and the eyes of some Capricorns light up like candles. You are tenacious and dedicated, and possess a deep well of patience to find a missing tag or the reason why the script won’t run. Therefore you can become a good computer consultant.

Business: You can become a successful businessman because you have the quality of endurance and persistence. You can be successful in business streams while dealing with calculations, money, mechanics, engineering, petroleum, oil, civil engineering, construction, mechanical engineering, labor department and inanimate things as comprising accounts and IT. You are not able to adapt the rapid changes. However, you can be fairly successful in traditional business streams.

Medicine: You also tend to have a great potential to make a bright career in science and medicine. So you can pursue pharmacy and opt for pharmaceutical business as it is a combination of analytical mind, management skill, financial planning.

— Vinayak Bhatt is a cosmic counsellor at Vedic Grace and can be reached at either pavenues@yahoo.com and/or info@vedicgrace.com



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