Creating opportunities

Creating opportunities

The economy should be more focused on job creation. Therefore, it is time to unlock avenues by which the youth accept responsibility and no one remains jobless because an idle youth is a burden to the country’s economy, says Suresh Bharwani

The skill India initiative aims to provide training and skill development to around 500 million youth in next three years and to ensure smooth working of the same, it is important to create and develop opportunity pool for the expansion of the talents of youth across country. For better output and to become a global leader in manufacturing and service sector, the industries are seeking skilled professionals today. Despite the fact that the Ministry of Skill Development is putting efforts towards amplifying this initiative but still very little has been achieved. Hence, to scale skill development there is need of spreading mass awareness among people.

The major challenge is to deal with the needs of an immense population by providing them skills which would make them employable and enable them to secure decent work leading to improvement in the quality of their lives. This involves strong and effective linkages between the industry and the training institutes with adequate provisions for upgradation.

Creating effective convergence between school education and the governmental efforts in the area of skill development also needs to be reworked upon. It is known that 93 per cent of the total labour force is in the unorganised sector. Needless to say that effort should be on to make the skill development attractive and productive to motivate the youth to aspire for the same.

To add more, job which is apprenticeship based will immensely create an aspiration mode for many.  Even while, the candidates are under training, the companies should grab the opportunity to add value to the skills. Private companies can be constantly in touch with the Government approved training partners to provide their job mandates to create an opportunity for the trainees.  

However, the country is facing a contradictory situation where on one hand youths are entering the labour market and looking for jobs; whereas on the other hand industries are complaining of unavailability of appropriate skilled manpower. This paradox reflects the criticality of skill development which will help in enhancing the employability factor of growing young population and will also gear-up the economy to realise the target of faster and inclusive growth. Keeping in mind about the quality of the labour market and also preponderance of the unorganised sector, the government should design skill model for various sectors which will benefit key players of the ecosystem such as employers, training providers and trainees.

Those who are employable are anyways not in the realm of skill development hence this should not be bothering them. However this challenges them to an extent where they have to be updated with required skills at all times.

At the moment, there are plenty of institutes who provide only certification as there are no policies making it mandatory for companies to hire talent based on these certifications. On the other hand the training company’s job ends at providing the certification since there is no evaluation policy for in place with respect to the goal of skilling student’s basis them getting and sustaining a job. Very few training companies actually promise the students jobs based on these certifications. Hence, this can be successful only once the students are provided either apprenticeship or a job along with training.

A lot is being talked about the job cuts in IT. What kind of designated professional are losing jobs this is never been publicised. These are mostly people who are over 10 years or 15 years in the same profession but have not upgraded themselves with latest tech skills. Hence, instead of Job cuts the companies should be mandated to provide trainings where the Government should help to make the re-skilling a successful model.

At the moment, they have left the same on the companies to hunt down these candidates and accordingly provide trainings. Government can help by having such candidates to register on a portal created by them where different government training partners showcased are listed. This will make the process easy for all stakeholders and will add a lot of value to the goals of re-skilling.

Need of the hour is to unskill the professionals working in the IT sector and to reskill them with latest tech skills. Upgrading to the latest skills may help employees to work smarter, enabling them to perform multiple tasks. Industry is witnessing robolution which is radically changing the process of working in the organisation and has also added up daunting tasks for Human Resource. With Robotics, Automation, Artificial intelligence, providing a significant strike in operational competence, organisations have now realigned themselves to compete in this field for a fortunate cost advantage due to enhanced productivity and savings which are going to tip the scales in their favour and disturb the balance of the playing field. Hence, it mandates employees to reskill themselves.

The economy should be more focused on job creation. With this new approach, India can move forward towards its targeted results.

The writer is chairman-MD, Jetking Infotrain Limited



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