How to avoid interview jitters

How to avoid interview jitters

Being nervous just before an interview is normal. Amol Arora gives tips for staying calm and focused so that you can ace the job interview

Your palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. These are symptoms of interview jitters. But here’s the kicker: It’s all in your head. You can knock out your pre-interview jitters.

It’s the thought of standing in front of a stranger and explaining your abilities and the fear of rejection or being judged that make you nervous. Being nervous is normal, but it has started to affect your performance, then it’s a reason to worry. Here are tips for staying calm and focused so that you can ace the next job interview.

Practice your pitch: One of the most tedious questions that candidates are likely to encounter is often the most confusing as well: Tell us about yourself. You can begin by practicing talking about yourself. You can include your education, key skills and the languages you speak.

Write down your answers and practice it in front of a mirror. It is  highly recommended that you memorise these answers and read out loud. Try to adopt a conversational tone. It’s about getting accustomed to such answers that may help you gain the confidence and avert the pressure in the real-life scenario.

Take your time: This is a tricky situation. A candidate usually responds in two ways: He either fires off a quick response right after the question or answers after a few seconds to gather come up with a concise, detailed reply. Of course, the second option is the better one and is more likely to get hired.

Candidates are usually nervous and are quick to respond to interviewer’s questions. This hasty approach often results in interviewer getting a wrong impression. The trick is to understand this: During a job interview, listening is just as important as answering questions. Stay calm and provide a thoughtful resolution.

If you don’t have the answer, don’t panic. Instead, own up and accept that you don’t know the answer.

Do your homework: Never attend a job interview without doing your homework. It’s a recipe for disaster, and you may again end up with a nervous breakdown. Do your research on the company and its background, job description, expected questions, what to bring to a job interview, plan your journey, and so on.

An interview is akin to a test, and you should be prepared before you attend it. Put in your best efforts and get your dream job. 

Relax: This may take some practice. If you don’t stay relaxed, you may lose out on an amazing opportunity. There is no doubt that nervousness is a basic human instinct but you should not lose your poise. Keep smiling, maintain the right posture and give all the answers with confidence. Don’t be nervous or the interviewer will get distracted and forget your strengths and qualifications.

There is also such a thing as over-preparation. You’ve got to find a balance. Breathe, and relax.  Remember that nobody is perfect. Believe in yourself.



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