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For undergraduate admissions under the Sports quota at Delhi University (DU) highest number of applicants are from the game of football followed by athletics, basketball and volleyball successively.

 According to the data provided by DU official, approximately 1800 aspirants have applied for football followed by 1,500 for both basketball and athletics. Nearly1200 applicants applied for volleyball and1100 for  cricket.

While for shooting and archery approximately 225 and 90 applications, respectively, were received.

The least number of applicants are for the “diving” for which only 4 applications have been received. While for the swimming 240 applications have been received. Both swimming and diving comes under “water sports” category.

Also there are only 14 applications for the “best physique” in which only male participates. On the other hand there are 130 applicants for wrestling and approximately 350 applications for “yoga”.

About 12,423 applications have been received in total under the Sports Quota admissions at the undergraduate level.  While the total number of seats are approximately 1700 seats which are located in 58 DU Colleges. Both St. Stephen’s and Jesus and Mary College (JMC) conduct their separate sports trial.

For Kabaddi , Badminton and Taekwondo there are approximately 750, 650 and 550 applicants respectively. Also for the Handball approximately 550 applications have been received.

The trial for the sports quota will begin on 22 June and will last till 29 June. The first “sports admission list” by the colleges would be announced on 9 July. Under the existing provisions, 5 percent of seats are collectively reserved for Sports and Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) quota to be filled on supernumerary basis.

The sports quota trials carry 60 marks while 40 marks are for the sports certificate. This year candidates were required to upload best three of their sports certificate instead of only one.

For admission under the sports quota this year Delhi University has considered only those candidates as eligible who have secured some rank (either I, II, III) at district or state level sports competition and not those who have only participation certificate at any sports event of District or state level.

It may be noted that under the sports quota, DU grants admission broadly under four categories-International, National, State and District. While for admission under international and national category both position/rank and participation are considered for the state and district level only rank is considered.



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