Archana Jyoti

Healthcare needs better collaboration

Friday, 29 Sep 2017 | Archana Jyoti | in Oped

Allied health professionals can play a critical role in ensuring better quality healthcare services to the people, especially in far-flung areas In a developing country like India, where poor people, particularly those in the rural and remote areas, are still left unattended in terms of quality healthcare, allied health professionals (AHPs)...

Moving the wheels of healthcare

Thursday, 07 Sep 2017 | Archana Jyoti | in Oped

Ambulance services and MMUs, a specialised healthcare delivery system, are playing a major role to meet medical needs. Besides, these can also help the Government achieve universal health for all A van parked on the outskirts of Delhi, in Uttar Pradesh’s Noida Sector 16, is packed with essential medicines, basic...

Getting hold of encephalitis

Friday, 25 Aug 2017 | Archana Jyoti | in Oped

It's high time that the administration, both at the Centre and States, instead of playing the blame-game, pull up their socks and take corrective, coercive and cohesive action to ensure health to all and provide basic amenities Of late, intense focus, and for the right reason, has been on the tottering...

Getting Ayush into modern medicine

Tuesday, 25 Jul 2017 | Archana Jyoti | in Oped

The Union Government has done well to launch ‘bridge courses’ to add to the number of primary healthcare professionals. They will not be qualified MBBS doctors but suitably equipped to tackle basic medical care needs, especially in rural areas In view of an acute shortage of medical professionals and also their...

Hazards of a poor healthcare system

Tuesday, 18 Jul 2017 | Archana Jyoti | in Oped

Unsatisfactory health coverage and inadequate budget allocations are the primary reasons for growing rift between doctors and patients Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is one of the major ambitious healthcare agendas of the Narendra Modi Government. The 12th Five Year Plan targeted a long-term goal of UHC where “each individual would have...

Profiteering in saving lives

Friday, 09 Jun 2017 | Archana Jyoti | in Big Story

Chennai has become the centre-stage for a flourishing organ racket that mainly targets the poor. The arrest of a Chennai-based medical representative in 2007 by Mumbai police for running an inter-State kidney racket also showed that the trade had gone global When, in November last year, Union Minister for External Affairs...

Less than zealous medical fraternity

Tuesday, 23 May 2017 | Archana Jyoti | in Oped

The Pradhan Mantri Surakhshit Matritva Abhiyan is a unique project to save the lives of pregnant women in the country's rural areas. Unfortunately, not many private doctors and allied specialists are registering for the scheme If implemented earnestly and obstetricians/radiologists/physicians in the private sector show care, compassion and commitment to provide...

Opportunities galore for disabled

Tuesday, 25 Apr 2017 | Archana Jyoti | in Oped

The Government must strive to provide support to the persons with disabilities by launching high-growth ventures, and creating employment opportunities. As a first step, it must revive Arunim, which works for their recognition Once hailed as first-of-its-kind ‘marketing board’ for products made by the disabled from across the country, eight-year-old Association...

Triple talaq must face the axe, and soon

Friday, 24 Mar 2017 | Archana Jyoti | in Big Story

The Centre’s unambiguous position favouring discontinuation of the biased practice is a good signal for gender non-discrimination Should triple talaq, an Islamic practice where a man can unilaterally divorce his wife by saying the Arabic word for divorce, three times in quick succession, be banned? Needless to say, the writing on...

Giving the agents of change their due

Tuesday, 07 Mar 2017 | Archana Jyoti | in Oped

The NDA has the required numbers in Lok Sabha to pass the women’s reservation Bill. In Rajya Sabha, it will get Opposition support. Why the delay, then? When over 6,000 women sarpanchas from across the country gather at Gujarat's Gandhinagar to attend a national conference on Women's International Day on...


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