Ishan Joshi

The writer is Consulting Editor, The Pioneer

Sinha’s choice: The perils of populism

Monday, 16 Jul 2018 | Ishan Joshi | in Edit

Leadership in never about standing at the head of a mob. It’s about having the courage to oppose its demands even when, and precisely because, one is simpatico Union Minister Jayant Sinha, whom I hasten to clarify I do not know, have never met and hold no brief for or against,...

It’s the transparency, stupid

Friday, 13 Jul 2018 | Ishan Joshi | in Oped

We have cracked our jokes on those who thought up this PR disaster. Now, let’s take a dekko at the substantive issues thrown up by the Jio Institute row There are two primary issues that ought to concern any Indian citizen who thinks perchance cares about higher education in the country...

Is the Opposition heading for an oops moment?

Friday, 30 Mar 2018 | Ishan Joshi | in Edit

If the next General Election is a sum of all State-level battles the Opposition is likely to succeed in dislodging Narendra Modi. But that’s not how it usually works Unless my secular pundit friends are claiming that the forthcoming Lok Sabha poll is going to be a lamppost election — in...

The French connection

Thursday, 22 Mar 2018 | Ishan Joshi | in Edit

Oui, or our nationhood defined — how the Macron visit could be more than the sum of its parts if we get our embrace right From solar power to defence deals, Asia-Pacific security to the possibility of France replacing Russia as India’s all-weather ally at a time when Moscow seems recalibrating...

Infantilising the army, promoting the barmy

Thursday, 08 Mar 2018 | Ishan Joshi | in Edit

The Commentariat has its knickers in a twist over the Army Chief speaking his mind on the issues of the day. Let's examine why Scare-mongering has long been the refuge of the pseudo-secular post-Nehruvian Indian elite and the middle-class which has survived on its crumbs, especially when it comes to matters...

The unbearable triteness of being against everything

Thursday, 08 Feb 2018 | Ishan Joshi | in Edit

It’s entirely possible that the Lok Sabha and major State elections will be held together in end-2018. That has nothing to do with the simultaneous poll debate It is difficult in the rather chaotic ecology of contemporary Indian politics to separate issues that at times overlap but we must if for...

Planet of the Apes and other animals

Thursday, 25 Jan 2018 | Ishan Joshi | in Edit

The unexceptionable notion that there should be no holy cows in intelligent, sober public debate is undermined by its compromised proponents 'Everything is political’, used to be the default position right up there with ‘define your premise’ in collegiate debates for many from the privileged, public school classes who came of...

The Second Republic

Thursday, 18 Jan 2018 | Ishan Joshi | in Edit

When a nation’s temper and its institutions are contraindicative it’s time to begin anew. We are currently sitting out the last gasp of a dying order The last thing an Indian citizen should do is get caught up in the vicious quasi-personal ideological battles being waged...

The Rahul I (did not) know

Sunday, 24 Dec 2017 | Ishan Joshi | in CapitalCapers

As an old pal put it, RG owes all of us roughly co-terminus in age with him an apology for the calls we got from our mothers on the day of his accession… So, he was in your batch in college. No, Ma he was a year junior but he’s older...

Fake news: Clear and present danger

Thursday, 14 Dec 2017 | Ishan Joshi | in Edit

Stop conflating social and professional media, set the bar for news high and for professional media even higher, work out the difference between print, digital and TV platforms Is authenticity a primary good? Can content be platform agnostic? If disseminating information is a mass media function could knowledge-sharing be the niche...


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