Ajoy Kumar

We must demand better of our rulers

Monday, 09 Jul 2018 | Ajoy Kumar | in Edit

A sexist, misogynist social order needs a proactive Government to effect change and give women a sense of security. We must, as a society, set ourselves higher standards Disheartening does not begin to describe the past two weeks. It has been a week where the Thomson Reuters Foundation came out with...

How J&K fell prey to a reckless relationship

Monday, 25 Jun 2018 | Ajoy Kumar | in Edit

After suffering under the BJP-PDP Government, the people of Kashmir will now have to prepare for Governor's rule. Though one cannot predict what the future holds, one can only hope that Kashmir sees better governance This past week saw the end of the alliance between the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and...

Let's get serious about fighting corruption

Friday, 08 Jun 2018 | Ajoy Kumar | in Edit

The BJP Government talks big about tackling corruption and introducing transparency but in its actions betrays a different agenda The pervasiveness of money power and corruption in the political and governance process, as the attempts by the BJP to buy MLAs in the aftermath of the Karnataka Assembly election confirmed, is...

It shouldn't be all about the money

Friday, 25 May 2018 | Ajoy Kumar | in Edit

Elected representatives as well as the bureaucracy are immersed in corruption because scant attention is paid to ensuring greater transparency The recent Assembly election in Karnataka and the drama that ensued highlighted a number of features of our colourful democracy. The episode brought to the fore disregard of constitutional...

Holistic approach to fight crimes against women

Friday, 11 May 2018 | Ajoy Kumar | in Edit

The root cause of violence against women in the country is ignorance of, or blatant disregard for, issues faced by them. Sensitising, educating and informing the public can improve the situation In my previous column, I discussed the issues with the Ordinance, stipulating death penalty in cases of rape of minors...

Government is taking the easy way out

Friday, 27 Apr 2018 | Ajoy Kumar | in Edit

The ordinance providing for death penalty in cases of rape of minors under 12 years of age has not been carefully thought out As a concerned citizen of India, the past few weeks and months have been some of the most heart-wrenching moments of my life. The brutal rape and murder...

An insincere attempt to tackle fake news

Friday, 13 Apr 2018 | Ajoy Kumar | in Edit

The Government’s attempt to curb fake news is just empty rhetoric. It is astonishing that the BJP can claim to fight the issue while also supporting one of its proponents Freedom of the Press has not been explicitly provided for in the Constitution of India. Instead, the freedom of the Press...

An evil, discriminatory agenda

Friday, 30 Mar 2018 | Ajoy Kumar | in Oped

We may be a democratic republic but justice and equality are clearly not available to all. Members of SC/ST communities continue to be oppressed at every juncture of their lives On March 20, 2018, the Supreme Court in its decision in SK Mahajan vers us the State of Maharashtra examined...

A humane and rational approach to democracy

Friday, 16 Mar 2018 | Ajoy Kumar | in Edit

It is disheartening to see our country, which has produced brilliant scientific minds, disregard logic and reason in favour of loud, unsubstantiated disagreements This past week, the world lost a wonderful mind and an accomplished scientist in Stephen Hawking. Hawking told us a beautiful story about the origin of the universe...

Did someone say we need a Government?

Friday, 02 Mar 2018 | Ajoy Kumar | in Edit

While the BJP claims to have taken several well-intentioned policy moves, the fact is that most of its schemes have been repackaged and it is nowhere towards improving governance Typically, after a political party has contested the elections and has managed to get elected to power, there is a swift but...


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