Garima Maheshwari

Real loser in Iran nuclear deal row

Tuesday, 12 Jun 2018 | Garima Maheshwari | in Oped

The blow dealt by the US to the nuclear deal will ultimately end up exposing and isolating not Iran but America itself The recent withdrawal of the US from the Iran nuclear deal of 2015 comes amidst a series of executive actions that will hasten the uprooting of the present international...

India and the new status of Xi Jinping

Friday, 13 Apr 2018 | Garima Maheshwari | in Oped

While the Modi Government has widened India’s foreign policy, a narrow, academic and West-dominated disclosure seems to be restricting the play of the full potential of the India-China partnership This article is a continuation of the previous column, “Welcome, China’s President for life” (April 2) exploring the India-China relationship under...

Welcome, China’s President for life

Monday, 02 Apr 2018 | Garima Maheshwari | in Oped

Removing the two-term limit for the Chinese president shows Beijing’s contempt for the‘facade’ of Western liberal democracy The amendments to the Chinese Constitution raised raised to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, removing the formal two-term limit to presidential appointments, marked a welcome step in striving towards a vision...

Sustained victory in the North-East

Friday, 16 Mar 2018 | Garima Maheshwari | in Oped

The BJP’s historic mandate in the North-East has exposed the entrenched political model that was prevalent in various States for several decades. However, an unprecedented change is in the offing now The recent triumph of the BJP in Assembly elections in the North-East represents an important movement of national consolidation. These...

The rift in AAP bureaucracy

Friday, 02 Mar 2018 | Garima Maheshwari | in Oped

Irrespective of several controversies, the Aam Aadmi Party is on a strong defensive trajectory, harbouring unmitigated pan-India ambitions with zero knowledge of India's diversity and complexity. This is typical Delhi politics A full-blown midnight drama unleashed at the residence of Delhi Chief Minister came as a slap in the face of...

Prepare to lead ISA but look within too

Monday, 19 Feb 2018 | Garima Maheshwari | in Oped

Forums like the International Solar Alliance are important in providing more teeth to the world’s fight against climate change, but it is even more important that we internalise the benefits in our own energy infrastructure As the Indian Government prepares to assume a leadership role in the first ever mega summit...

Now, focus on long-term sustainability

Friday, 02 Feb 2018 | Garima Maheshwari | in Oped

The Budget is an amalgam of various planning initiatives, which will help the farmers The Union Budget 2018-2019 was predominantly a people-centric Budget, focused on the agrarian and the rural economy. Sectors like healthcare, agriculture, MSMEs, education and skill have been given importance, while public expenditure on infrastructure and railways has...

Countering falsehood: In defence of Hegde

Friday, 19 Jan 2018 | Garima Maheshwari | in Oped

There has been an unnecessary hullabaloo over Anant Kumar Hegde's comments on secularism and the Constitution. In actual fact, he never said what he hasbeen construed as saying. Indeed, the Central minister and BJP leader argued passionately for an assertion of national and religious identity of communities It has become...

Of misplaced environmental priorities

Friday, 05 Jan 2018 | Garima Maheshwari | in Oped

The real test of our commitment to combating the environmental crisis is how we are responding to it. Sadly, countries across the globe, including India, have failed to step up and be counted The year 2017 registered a detracted track record in the state of the environment as well as in...

Destruction has come knocking at the door

Friday, 22 Dec 2017 | Garima Maheshwari | in Oped

Artificial Intelligence, be it in the form of Sophia or lethal autonomous weapons or killer robot armies to be deployed by national militaries, is fast emerging as a parallel world which is threatening to go out of control Before discussing the case against Artificial Intelligence (AI), here is a question: What...


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