Indira Khurana

Cherish every drop of rainfall

Wednesday, 01 Jun 2016 | Indira Khurana | in Oped

Efforts should be made to revive water conservation structures and build new ones. Overground and underground water banks must be created. India's rich water conservation heritage needs a revival When you see clouds gathering, prepare to catch the rain”, is an Golan proverb from Liberia. This is what India needs...

More South-South cooperation is key

Tuesday, 29 Mar 2016 | Indira Khurana | in Oped

India’s expertise in many social development sectors is in high demand, making it a sought-after knowledge partner. But these partnerships have to be done right It may be derided asjugaad but India’s frugal engineering and innovation capabilities have produced some pathbreaking technologies and programmes that can find merit in other developing...

Changing track on development

Monday, 07 Mar 2016 | Indira Khurana | in Oped

There is widespread recognition that existing approaches have not delivered change at the pace and scale required in global development. The report card on partnerships in the Millennium Development Goals was downright poor It’s not only jugaad. The people of India have developed some serious technologies, policies and programmes that could...

On sanitation, India is still in the dumps

Tuesday, 23 Feb 2016 | Indira Khurana | in Oped

The Modi Government’s campaign to end open defecation is welcome but building new toilets alone will not solve the problem Politically, sanitation is a hot topic but the focus has to shift to the villages. Open defecation is still a common practice in many villages. The plan is to achieve the...

A parched and poisoned path

Friday, 12 Feb 2016 | Indira Khurana | in Oped

Unless India conserves water, its food and energy security will be threatened in the near future Even as we talk of ensuring food security, the competition for limited water and energy resources has become worse due to the unpredictable weather. For farmers in India, the shocks just don't seem to...

Bundelkhand is on the edge

Friday, 29 Jan 2016 | Indira Khurana | in Oped

Drought-hit residents are starving to death or committing suicide. But a turnaround can be scripted for them Bundelkhand, a region that sprawls across 13 districts in the States of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, is falling apart. Three successive droughts, unseasonal rains, and thick-skinned Governments have wrecked the ecology and economy...

Gender gaps in growth

Friday, 08 Jan 2016 | Indira Khurana | in Oped

Want economic growth? Just feed 50 per cent of India's population right, writes INDIRA KHURANA The year 2015 ended with several reports on women and gender. Though none of them addressed the issue directly, the findings send a strong message: Let's feed our women right. According to the McKinsey Global...


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