Ishaan Saxena

In his defence

Saturday, 07 Jul 2018 | Ishaan Saxena | in Oped

The same media which projected a demi-god image of Modi and portrayed him as the panacea for our ills, is now looking for opportunities to denigrate him. This is creating a palpable sense of delusion It is disheartening to watch heavily charged television debates these days. Overwhelming and tangible emotions against...

A defining relationship

Monday, 15 Jan 2018 | Ishaan Saxena | in Oped

Netanyahu’s visit must be viewed as a serenade to a rapidly expanding relationship between India and Israel which is bound to yield substantial results in the longer run The much-awaited visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has finally commenced. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his counterpart share tremendous camaraderie,...

Fight inequality in the year ahead

Monday, 01 Jan 2018 | Ishaan Saxena | in Oped

As we enter the new year, we must not be deluded by the economy’s higher growth trajectory. What matters most is the distribution of fruits of economic growth. A healthy debate on imbalance is needed As festivities usher in another year, it will be pertinent to examine what lies ahead for...

The Jerusalem Conundrum

Monday, 18 Dec 2017 | Ishaan Saxena | in Oped

Trump’s foreign policy trump card, seen as a lack of coherence and diplomatic finesse by his critics, is escalating tensions in an area that is already bleeding due to the violent nature of its power politics West Asia appears to be cursed. When was the last time the region was portrayed...

India's KV children

Monday, 04 Dec 2017 | Ishaan Saxena | in Oped

In order to reap the demographic dividend, it is imperative we harness the potential of students enrolled in government schools and Kendriya Vidyalayas An anxious wave seems have gripped the education sector. The recent spate of headlines regarding the security of children in schools has once again highlighted how vulnerable some...

Left, Right and vanishing Centre

Friday, 13 Oct 2017 | Ishaan Saxena | in Oped

The ideological tennis-match that is public discourse in India has left the ordinary or garden variety of citizen who can think for himself as a spectator with a crick in the neck A strange phenomenon seems to have gripped this country. Every development in the economic and political realm...

Understanding basic needs of the earth

Monday, 26 Jun 2017 | Ishaan Saxena | in Oped

Donald Trump’s decision to opt out of the Paris agreement is evidence that we are gradually shifting towards individualism from universalism. This is the predominant reason for the rapidly decaying and destabilising environment on our planet President Donald Trump’s radical decision to renege on the Paris agreement has created shockwaves across...

Such strange bedfellows, these

Wednesday, 07 Jun 2017 | Ishaan Saxena | in Oped

India has a bigger ambition than a cricket series with a neighbour. So let us consider the proposed bilateral series to be a wide ball and focus on the boundaries we have the potential to achieve The Government’s decision to jettison the idea of an India-Pakistan cricket series comes at a...

US sending the wrong message

Tuesday, 21 Feb 2017 | Ishaan Saxena | in Oped

Trump will take some time to realise that his actions cannot revamp a system which is so intimately related to his own country. Revoking agreements and enforcing controversial bans belie what America has historically stood for, in decades since the Second World War US President Donald Trump’s first few days in...

Looking for a fresh change

Friday, 30 Dec 2016 | Ishaan Saxena | in Oped

The Uttarakhand Government has been lurching from one crisis to another. It has lost both direction and purpose Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to the hilly State of Uttarakhand was eagerly anticipated by many. He did not hesitate to hurl a volley of criticisms on the Congress Government. Modi's oratory was...


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