Jai Kumar Verma

Rohingyas: A security threat

Tuesday, 01 May 2018 | Jai Kumar Verma | in Oped

India has taken the right decision to not bow down to international pressure and, instead, repatriate Rohingya refugees. It must now formulate a refugee policy India is neither a signatory to the 1951 Refugee Convention nor to the Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees that came to force in...

CPEC: A debt-trap for Pakistan

Tuesday, 27 Feb 2018 | Jai Kumar Verma | in Oped

It is in the interest of Pakistan to study the pros and cons of the CPEC. China has been conveniently using its neighbouring countries to expand its influence Communist China, which has hegemonic designs against neighbouring countries, is exploiting Pakistan’s abhorrence towards India. Pakistan, which was carved out from India on...

Why defend the blue-eyed boy?

Monday, 12 Feb 2018 | Jai Kumar Verma | in Oped

The fact remains that despite international pressure to arrest and charge Hafiz Saeed for his crimes, the civilian Government in Pakistan remains obdurate in not taking any action against him Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, the blue-eyed boy of the Pakistan Army, is the co-founder of the Lashkar-e-Tayyeba (LeT) and Chief of the...

Pak duplicity to the fore

Tuesday, 16 Jan 2018 | Jai Kumar Verma | in Oped

Islamabad's strategy of allowing Jadhav's kin to meet him to bolster its ‘humanitarian' credentials before the ICJ has misfired given what went down Last year, the Pakistan Government allowed the mother and wife of Kulbhushan Jadhav to meet him on December 25, which is coincidentally the birthday of Mohammad Ali Jinnah,...

Recognising the enemy within

Tuesday, 31 Oct 2017 | Jai Kumar Verma | in Oped

That madrassas in Pakistan are breeding grounds for terrorism is now an established fact. The need of the hour is to clamp down on these institutions. The Government must get tough In Pakistan, madrassas are the breeding grounds of terrorism and also for top leaders of different terrorist outfits over there....

Moral disintegration of a neighbourhood nation

Saturday, 23 Sep 2017 | Jai Kumar Verma | in Edit

Pakistan is passing from a difficult phase. The all-dominant Army as well as the civilian leadership should chalk out a comprehensive plan so that the country remains united and overcomes its multifarious problems Pakistan, which was created 70 years back, was bisected when a new nation, Bangladesh emerged. However, the all-dominant...

Simple yet hard solution to Dolam

Monday, 24 Jul 2017 | Jai Kumar Verma | in Oped

There should be a peaceful solution to the stand-off with China. The upcoming meeting of the NSAs is a good opportunity for both New Delhi and Beijing to resolve issues. War would be disastrous China, which has emerged as an economic giant and which has also strengthened its defence capabilities, is...

Calming down the valley

Thursday, 22 Jun 2017 | Jai Kumar Verma | in Oped

Despite relentless assaults from separatist groups in Kashmir, small successes tell us that security forces, the Army and the CRPF are getting a hang of the ongoing unrest, writes Jai Kumar Verma June 16 was another bloody Friday in Kashmir valley, where six police personnel including a Station House Officer were...

Challenges for security forces

Tuesday, 18 Apr 2017 | Jai Kumar Verma | in Oped

The security forces can only do their job flawlessly with the support of Governments: That requires putting aside petty politics and coming together on the issue, deciding a course for the wholesome change of perspective of the youth of Kashmir The separatists as well as their handlers in Pakistan are worried,...

The new normal: Hit hard where it hurts

Saturday, 05 Nov 2016 | Jai Kumar Verma | in Edit

The Pakistani leadership, ISI officials as well as terrorists did not visualise that Indian forces would cross the Line of Control. They thought that it would business as usual. It’s a wake-up call for them Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who won the 2014 Lok Sabha election on the agenda of...


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