JS Rajput

Key tenets of interfaith education

Monday, 16 Jul 2018 | JS Rajput | in Oped

In a globalised interconnected world, conflicts are bound to rise manifold if not countered. Education is the key to create a global family that accepts equality of all faiths and religions. We must nourish our children Now that the infamous Aryan invasion theory stands busted scientifically, there should be no hesitation...

Learning from Emergency

Tuesday, 03 Jul 2018 | JS Rajput | in Oped

The Emergency is the darkest chapter in Independent India’s history. The very description of democracy in textbooks would remain deficient if the learner is not educated through its example A courageous judgement on electoral malpractice indulged in by the Prime Minister to win her Lok Sabha seat in the 1971 General...

No laments from a lateral entrant

Thursday, 21 Jun 2018 | JS Rajput | in Oped

Lateral entry into the civil services can help the bureaucracy escape routine by bringing in new ideas and talent in development initiatives Modern systems of governance that respect human dignity and strive to march ahead on the path of inclusive development and growth remain ever-vigilant to sustain democratic values. The onus...

Winners bereft of success

Monday, 28 May 2018 | JS Rajput | in Oped

For a majority of power-hungry politicians, people, progress, prosperity and peace are on the back-burner. Survival in politics and gaining power is the only consideration. All of this must stop When India was gasping under the excesses of Emergency imposed by a democratically elected Prime Minister, everyone knew it was a...

Education for change

Monday, 14 May 2018 | JS Rajput | in Oped

Environmental education as a separate subject shouldn’t fall victim to the need for reducing the curriculum load. The subject is vital for comprehension of existing global concerns A major policy issue that has been pending for over two decades now deserves a decision in the context of the formulation of the...

Global education in Indian context

Monday, 30 Apr 2018 | JS Rajput | in Oped

Apart from national challenges, India’s new education policy must gel appropriately with global concerns and initiatives. Lower standards of learning have certainly dented India’s credibility India eagerly awaits its new national education policy. The education sector is faced with numerous challenges. While it can claim huge advances in terms of increasing...

Education must acculturate

Monday, 02 Apr 2018 | JS Rajput | in Oped

Sexual harassment is a serious problem for students at all educational levels. Schools must have targeted policies to curb these troubling incidents Practically every day one confronts reports on sexual harassment, suicides, acid attacks, and even rape and murders. This particular day as I peruse items of my particular interest —...

Challenge of reshaping textbooks

Monday, 19 Mar 2018 | JS Rajput | in Oped

The Government’s decision to drop curriculum load is welcome but not enough. Lighter textbooks with relevant course work and better teachers can well be the recipe for improved learning It is indeed encouraging that textbooks are under discussion on a nation-wide scale, consequent to the decision of the Union Government to...

Academic overhaul challenge

Monday, 05 Mar 2018 | JS Rajput | in Oped

The Government’s decision to reduce NCERT syllabus by half is a well-considered decision that will bring much relief to the students but it is going to be a tight rope walk for MHRD The recent announcement on reducing the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) curriculum by one-half indicates...

Eradicate the malaise of copying

Monday, 19 Feb 2018 | JS Rajput | in Oped

The Uttar Pradesh Government must be applauded for launching a crackdown on the notorious ‘nakal mafia'. It must now formulate strategies for a real transformation of the education system Uttar Pradesh, the most populous State of the Indian Union, is conducting its annual class X and XII school board examinations....


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