KG Suresh


KG Suresh is a senior journalist based in Delhi

Hallucinating on saffron, always

Monday, 29 May 2017 | KG Suresh | in Oped

The Goebbelsian propaganda over a yajna conducted by a private party at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication was spread by vested interests to defame the premier institute After breaking all previous records, the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), the country’s premier media training institute, received a record number of...

Promoting ‘healthy India’ plan

Monday, 16 May 2016 | KG Suresh | in Oped

The media can play a crucial role to impact the policymaking and health funding and programme initiatives for reducing health burden in the country. In light of this, it is important that public health communication is integrated into the course curriculum in media schools In March 2014, India was certified polio-free...

Third Front. Now on, now off...

Monday, 18 Apr 2016 | KG Suresh | in Oped

Indian democracy has adequate space for a viable ‘third' alternative or even an alternative in the first place if the Congress fails to take off. But it has to be ensured that such a front is evolved gradually, based on past experiences of the good and the bad With Bihar Chief...

Remembering ‘LPG’ revolution

Monday, 14 Mar 2016 | KG Suresh | in Oped

The economic liberalisation which the Narasimha Rao regime ushered in the country and which has been carried forward by successive Governments, has changed the lives of millions of Indians for the better. But there have been dark spots as well that need review Even as the public and media discourse in...

Consensus on anti-nationalism

Monday, 29 Feb 2016 | KG Suresh | in Edit

Unlike Pakistan, where a Virat Kohli fan is facing imprisonment for hoisting the Indian flag, in India, the situation is almost reverse. A section of the intelligentsia has found it convenient to defend the raising of anti-India slogans under the garb of freedom of speech A die-hard Pakistani fan of Indian...

The Roma people: India’s pride

Monday, 15 Feb 2016 | KG Suresh | in Oped

Unlike many Indian nationals who refuse to acknowledge their Indian ancestry, Roma community members worldwide have always been proud of their Indian origins and linguistic and cultural affinity with their mother country. We need to care for them Inaugurating the three-day International Roma Conference and Cultural Festival 2016 in New Delhi...

Iran’s beleaguered Bahá'ís

Monday, 01 Feb 2016 | KG Suresh | in Oped

Following the dismantling of the sanctions regime, as India prepares to strengthen economic ties with Iran, it must ask itself: As a pluralistic nation, home to persecuted people from all over the world, can it afford to ignore Tehran's discrimination of the Bah' minority community? With the recent lifting of...

Stemming the rot of insurgency

Monday, 18 Jan 2016 | KG Suresh | in Oped

Traditionally, the responses over the growing Maoist problem have swung from one extreme to another. If certain people view every Adivasi as a Maoist-sympathiser, others find the Maoists as legitimate fighters against inequality. We need to find middle ground For a long time, India had witnessed consensus, political and otherwise, on...

No doubt a hero, but with faults

Monday, 04 Jan 2016 | KG Suresh | in Oped

The attack on Jawaharlal Nehru in Congress Darshan and the subsequent response have brought to fore the reluctance on the part of intellectuals to objectively analyse certain leaders and damn many others. This is increasingly raising question marks on their credibility Call it a self-goal or an inadvertent confession. As...

Eating beef not an Islamic ritual

Tuesday, 22 Dec 2015 | KG Suresh | in Oped

Organised in response to the ‘intolerance’ controversy, beef festivals stand on the assumption that cow meat is an integral part of a Muslim’s diet. This is a specious argument that has been repeatedly debunked by several leading Islamic scholars and clergymen An imminent clash between two groups of students...


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