India at 72

Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018 | Pioneer | in Edit

We have to start talking less and doing more, otherwise India is like the smart guy who is a know-it-all but does nothing The Prime Minister’s speech at the ramparts of the Red Fort is a celebration of Indian democracy and for the past 20 years Indian Prime Ministers have delivered...

End the debate

Tuesday, 14 Aug 2018 | Pioneer | in Edit

There is no moving back to paper ballot. The Election Commission must ensure that EVMs are free from accusation Elections are all about winners and losers and in a multi-party democracy like India, there are usually a large number of losers. Many of those who lose, after putting up a spirited...

Debacle at Lord’s

Tuesday, 14 Aug 2018 | Pioneer | in Edit

Exactly 35 years after India’s greatest moments at cricket’s hallowed ground, a bunch of spoiled, rich brats capitulated The first test of the ongoing cricket series between India and England gave many Indian fans false hope, a singularly brilliant batting performance by Virat Kohli and a stunning performance by India’s bowlers...

Happier online

Tuesday, 14 Aug 2018 | Pioneer | in Edit

DTH services, traditionally the crown of entertainment, is now losing lustre, says a survey. An impressive growth of online streaming industry has led to a change in consumption patterns. More and more people are consuming content online, on their smart devices and at their time. Is this the end for...

Water everywhere

Monday, 13 Aug 2018 | Pioneer | in Edit

Kerala, like Bihar and Uttarakhand, is getting inundated by mother nature. A permanent solution to floods is needed Citizens of Kerala have been mesmerised by the opening of all five sluice gates of the Cheruthoni Dam and the sight of the Idukki Reservoir draining out. This was the first time that...

Opening wounds

Monday, 13 Aug 2018 | Pioneer | in Edit

The Aarushi-Hemraj double murder case was expected to end up in the Supreme Court. There must be closure Aarushi Talwar would have been a grown woman by now, possibly she might have even had children of her own by now. After all, it has been 10 years since she was found...

IKEA too late?

Monday, 13 Aug 2018 | Pioneer | in Edit

The mad rush at IKEA, the Swedish retail giant that entered India after many hurdles, is no guarantee that its global success may be an easy grab here. Its late entry has meant other conglomerates have already emulated its model. Its ready-to-assemble and functional ware works only with techies and...

Great expectations

Saturday, 11 Aug 2018 | Pioneer | in Edit

There are many twists and turns yet to come before the 2019 poll though BJP keeps pole position Opposition efforts to get the candidate of their choice elected as the Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha came spectacularly undone on Thursday. Not only did they change candidates midstream in the run-up...

A distant dream

Saturday, 11 Aug 2018 | Pioneer | in Edit

The Uniform Civil Code (UCC) cannot come soon enough in India. It is something that our policy makers have conspicuously avoided in the name of secularism. There should be only one marriage and divorce Act that treats men and women of all faiths and creeds equally. Without an UCC, India...

Seamless solution

Saturday, 11 Aug 2018 | Pioneer | in Edit

A plan with the twin objective of unclogging Delhi and making travel within and from the Capital less stressful is on the anvil With plans in place to create a rapid interchange transit system, the National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC) seems to be headed in the right direction to unclog...

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