Shivaji Sarkar

Striking a fine regulatory balance

Tuesday, 07 Aug 2018 | Shivaji Sarkar | in Oped

There is a dire need to regulate the regulators in our country. Two recent decisions — by NGT and the RBI — have shaken people’s trust The National Green Tribunal (NGT) and the Reserve Bank (RBI) have failed to protect the people. Recently, the NGT held that diesel vehicles that over...

MSP, loan-waiver: Temporary solutions

Monday, 30 Jul 2018 | Shivaji Sarkar | in Oped

While Centre’s dream of doubling farmers’ income is welcome, it needs area-specific strategies. Reorganising the entire farm mechanism is essential The Cabinet’s decision to hike the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for 14 crops by 50 per cent for the Kharif season will ease agrarian distress and fulfill a promise made to...

Misleading stock market index

Saturday, 14 Jul 2018 | Shivaji Sarkar | in Oped

Recent stock index movements are weird and out of sync with the real economic situation of the country. Too much should not be read into it. The focus should be on a prudent pricing policy to boost industrial growth The sudden record jump of sensex to 36,548 points — up by...

Dynamics of global politics

Monday, 07 May 2018 | Shivaji Sarkar | in Oped

The next few years may see a gradual opening up of opportunities, provided the new ‘Panchsheel’ shapes up the way it is intended. Stakes are high for both India and China. A change in the world order is not unlikely The world politics and economy is changing. East Asia is becoming...

How expensive is a pricey economy?

Thursday, 12 Apr 2018 | Shivaji Sarkar | in Oped

Government must keep a check on inflation. Crude oil prices need to be dealt with. A failure to do so will hit the economy hard Prices remain a major concern for the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) monetary policy amid rising global trade protectionism. The Central bank apprehends that financial market...

Reorient India’s governance model

Tuesday, 20 Mar 2018 | Shivaji Sarkar | in Oped

Present growth model of the country has benefited just a small population and caused deprivation for a larger number. The only solution for a better economic model is to alleviate farm distress. Our policy-makers must act fast India feels happy as macro data suggests an economic turnaround. However, incidents like the...

Recovering loans, people’s trust

Monday, 26 Feb 2018 | Shivaji Sarkar | in Oped

In the name of ease of doing business, it appears that banks are being lax in granting loans. Also, recovery and monitoring mechanism are abysmal Frauds galore are rocking banks in India. This is what comes from data released by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The banks lost Rs 61,260...

Budget prism needs change

Tuesday, 13 Feb 2018 | Shivaji Sarkar | in Oped

The Government should do more to promote savings, not stocks, to stem market volatility and protect the economy The stock market wiped out Rs 10 lakh crore in the week after the Union Budget was presented on February 1. The crash was imminent. It awaited a trigger and the Union Budget...

2018: A year full of promise

Tuesday, 09 Jan 2018 | Shivaji Sarkar | in Oped

The new year looks like it will be a year of competitive politics. With the General Election nearing, expectations are high that relief may be on the cards this Budget. The Modi Government is poised for development but growth should come with a lower tax burden The year 2018 is...

N-E States can transform India

Friday, 01 Dec 2017 | Shivaji Sarkar | in Oped

The North-East is an emerging market and has the potential to become a hub for our neighbouring nations such as Bangladesh Bhutan, Nepal and Myanmar The North-East is said to be transforming and wants to catch the eyes. India needs a stronger N-E for faster development and addition to GDP....


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