Shivani Sandhu

Oil is the constant

Monday, 09 Jul 2018 | Shivani Sandhu | in Oped

For long, the US has been accused of meddling in West Asia to keep its oil supplies running. Now, Iraqis and Kurds are fighting over the same commodity The significance of oil and energy resources as drivers of economic activity and growth can be seen throughout history. One of...

Use of force in UN peacekeeping

Tuesday, 19 Jun 2018 | Shivani Sandhu | in Oped

Should United Nations peacekeepers use force only in self-defence or ought they be allowed to use it to protect civilians and neutralise peace spoilers? The United Nations (UN) has always been hesitant to allow peacekeepers deployed on missions to use force. Such a stance makes sense if we take into account...


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