Swarn Kumar Anand

Moderate Islam, liberlised Saudi: New West Asian Order

Saturday, 11 Nov 2017 | Swarn Kumar Anand | in Oped

At a time when Saudi Arabia is caught up in a whirling vortex of tremendous domestic and external challenges, the kingdom has given birth to a visionary and secular despot — unlike earlier rulers who invoked puritanical Islamic norms to legitimise and secure their rule — in Crown Prince...

Racism: What sells is news!

Saturday, 11 Jun 2016 | Swarn Kumar Anand | in Oped

When the media loses its ethics and its primary focus is fixated on TRP or on grinding political axes, it creates many ‘Others’. ‘Racist attack’ news is one of them Judging from global media reports, particularly from Europe, India — originator of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (The world is one family)— has become...

Journalists' dilemma: No freedom from siege mentality!

Saturday, 15 Aug 2015 | Swarn Kumar Anand | in Oped

Today, when we are celebrating the 69th Independence Day, a substantial and influential chunk of intelligentsia is engrossed in constructing a narrative replete with psychotic trepidation. The arguments are so compelling that even a section of the media unwittingly peddles the malicious gossip. By the time a counter narrative emerges,...

Surreal twist in Arab Spring tale

Saturday, 05 Jul 2014 | Swarn Kumar Anand | in Oped

The democratisation movement that started in 2010 in Tunisia and travelled to several Arab countries has taken a curious turn with the announcement of caliphate in Iraq. Saturday Special’s other two articles focus on the lapses by Al-Maliki Government (Main) and Iran’s interest in Iraq (Other Voice) History has taken a...

Please ensure Indians ride the crest of the wave

Saturday, 03 May 2014 | Swarn Kumar Anand | in Oped

While the BJP-led NDA is expected to gain power at the Centre with a promise to bring in a new era of inclusive development in the country, for the aspiring youth of the nation one question remains — what is in store for them if they catch the Modi wave Indian...

Pak-TTP talks: A hiatus for reinforcement?

Saturday, 19 Apr 2014 | Swarn Kumar Anand | in Oped

Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan's decision to cancel the ceasefire deal is a setback for the Sharif Government, which came to power with a vow to end terrorism through peaceful means instead of military operations In the run up to parliamentary elections in Pakistan a year ago when Nawaz Sharif had promised to usher...

Can Pakistan shift focus from India?

Saturday, 29 Mar 2014 | Swarn Kumar Anand | in Oped

Saturday Special this week focusses on the changing trend in Pakistan’s foreign policy with Islamabad’s greater thrust on China (Main), removing sticking points in its relations with Iran (The Other Voice), and whether Pakistan will stop using terror as a foreign policy (Perspective) In the run up to the Lok...

AAP oasis or mirage for aam aadmi?

Saturday, 22 Feb 2014 | Swarn Kumar Anand | in Oped

Kejriwal's haste in seeking a mandate in the Lok Sabha by sacrificing power in Delhi smacks of populist politics. The AAP must explain how a supporting business tycoon who is likely to fight LS polls on a party ticket is ‘aam aadmi’ “It is the duty of every citizen...

Ill-conceived Geneva II was destined to flop

Saturday, 25 Jan 2014 | Swarn Kumar Anand | in Oped

The West must understand that if it wants a pragmatic solution to the Syrian crisis, it should allow Syrians to choose their leader. The best possible way forward is a transitional government comprising Assad and members of the Opposition The January 24 Geneva II conference, the biggest diplomatic endeavour led by...

Should India take proactive stand on Syria?

Saturday, 04 Jan 2014 | Swarn Kumar Anand | in Oped

New Delhi’s willingness to take part in Geneva II may seem like an appeasement of the Sunni Arab world in their efforts to kill the waxing Shia crescent in the bud. Therefore, India must clarify that its decision is born out of concerns to safeguard our national interests and to...


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