Litmus test is here for our tall leaders

Friday, 06 Dec 2013 | Kalyani Shankar | in Oped

There is keen interest because the results of the Assembly election will in many ways indicate the trend for Lok Sabha poll After the completion of the Assembly election to five States this month, the focus has shifted to the Lok Sabha poll, which are just a few months away....

An unholy nexus binds Government to industry

Friday, 06 Dec 2013 | Atul K Thakur | in Oped

From the Planning Commission and the apex bank endorsing corporate events organised by shady consultancies to the Finance Ministry supporting toothless industrial lobbies, the political class signs in tune with India Inc We all know how UPA2 has stopped performing and is scoring poorly in most of areas. This well-choreographed plan...

Beware of a Maginot mentality

Thursday, 05 Dec 2013 | Pravin Sawhney | in Oped

The Indian Army should end its prolonged involvement in counter-insurgency operations within Kashmir. It must hand over responsibility to the paramilitary forces after providing the requisite training and move to the LoC to build conventional deterrence November 26 was the 10th anniversary of the ceasefire on the Line of Control, a...

Far too many chinks in security armour

Thursday, 05 Dec 2013 | Hiranmay Karlekar | in Oped

Post 26/11, our Armed Forces and coastal security are still not fully equipped to meet terrorist strikes from across the border. When will things change? The attack which killed Sub-Inspector Shabir Ahmed, the Station House Officer of Chadoura town, on Monday, is a part of the escalation of terrorist strikes in...

Standing firm in national interest

Thursday, 05 Dec 2013 | Muralidhar Rao | in Oped

At the Bali WTO meet, India must lead the alliance of developing nations to challenge the focus of the meeting and bring about a balanced approach to the negotiating process. New Delhi must bargain hard Since its inception, the World Trade Organisation has had an inherent bias against the interests of...

They’re easy prey for poachers

Wednesday, 04 Dec 2013 | Prerna Singh Bindra | in Oped

Pangolins occupy a unique niche in the ecosystems they live in. They are valuable pest controllers. But our forests are being emptied of the pangolin, and we remain a silent witness. We watch as these animals are massacred on the way to extinction Few of us know about this animal called...

Steer the ship in right direction

Wednesday, 04 Dec 2013 | Ranjit B Rai | in Oped

Indian Navy celebrates Navy Day on December 4. It commemorates the day in 1971 when the Osa missile boats struck Karachi and sank three Pakistani ships. But it’s also a day to reflect on the challenges that our Navy faces The Latin Quo vadis means, ‘Whither goest thou?’ It’s the question...

Taking a sensible position

Tuesday, 03 Dec 2013 | Kushan Mitra | in Oped

At the climate conference in Warsaw, New Delhi rightly ensured that developed countries do not ride roughshod over our national interests. But, at home, it needs to do more to protect the environment and contain the impact of climate change processes Many environmentalists were dismayed by Ms Jayanthi Natarajan replacing Mr...

China’s deliberate provocation

Tuesday, 03 Dec 2013 | Gwynne Dyer | in Oped

With the imposition of an Air Defence Identification Zone, Beijing has sought to escalate an ongoing dispute, hoping that its rivals will back down Since China declared an Air Defence Identification Zone late last month that covers the disputed islands called Senkaku in Japanese and Diaoyu in Chinese, the media has...

A pernicious plan for Kashmir

Tuesday, 03 Dec 2013 | Hari Om | in Oped

The People’s Democratic Party claims that its doctrine of self-rule will bring peace to the State and resolve India-Pakistan tensions. In reality, it is a blueprint for the Balkanisation of the country People’s Democratic Party leaders, including Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and his daughter Mehbooba Mufti, have unleashed a no-holds-barred propaganda...


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