India’s infrastructure on cusp between China, AIIB

Saturday, 30 Jun 2018 | Jagannath Panda | in Oped

In his opening speech at the third annual meeting of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) in Mumbai on June 26, 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said India is looking forward to a “continued engagement with developmental partners, including the AIIB” for a sustainable infrastructure environment both in India and...

Is SCO pivot of Eurasian security?

Saturday, 30 Jun 2018 | Nalin Kumar Mohapatra | in Oped

Four major developments have taken place in the Eurasian space since 2017 Astana Summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) having an impact on its geopolitical structure. These are: spurt in strategic rivalry among Russia, China and the United States, thus having an impact on security architecture of Eurasia. Second, re-election...

Malicious UNHRC report

Friday, 29 Jun 2018 | Bhopinder Singh | in Oped

The UN Human Rights Council report on Kashmir is a wasted effort of 49 pages masquerading as unbiased reportage. It has been rightfully slammed as fallacious, tendentious and motivated The UN Human Rights Council (UNHCR) report on Kashmir is a tedious and wasted effort of 49 pages masquerading as unbiased reportage....

Afghanistan-Iran relations

Friday, 29 Jun 2018 | Masoud Hamyani | in Oped

Iran-Afghanistan relations have not been influenced by any third party and this will be the case in the future as well due to an existing agreement between the two countries Due to the importance of the issue and to ensure that the public has a better understanding of the general atmosphere...

Meet the self-loathing Indian

Friday, 29 Jun 2018 | Kushan Mitra | in Oped

There are many problems with India but we seem to take peculiar pleasure in running down our country in front of foreigners Yours truly travels a fair bit across the world, and has noticed a peculiar variety of Indian passport holder. The self-loathing Indian who takes it upon himself or herself...

Think now | Martin Luther King: Jr American leader

Friday, 29 Jun 2018 | Pioneer | in Oped

We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone...

Diagnosing Islam's disquiet

Thursday, 28 Jun 2018 | Priyadarshi Dutta | in Oped

Bernard Lewis, who passed away recently, was a doyen of Ottoman and Arab history. In his work, he explained why Muslims have shared an uneasy relationship with modernity and the West Bernard Lewis (1916-2018), the renowned American scholar of Islamic and Middle Eastern history, passed away recently at 102....

Maximum city's annual agony

Thursday, 28 Jun 2018 | Hiranmay Karlekar | in Oped

Every year, after the rains cause widespread disruption, the BMC claims that it is at work and things would be very different the next year. But that rarely happens Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) should be one of the top contenders in any contest for the title of being India's most inefficient,...

Welcome to choking India

Thursday, 28 Jun 2018 | Kota Sriraj | in Oped

Plastic isn't the problem. It's what we do with it that eventually makes it a problem. Intentions have always been on the mark as far as India is concerned. Our country falters only when it comes to implementation. This differentiates us from other successful countries in the world On June 5,...

Think now | Kim Jong: UN Leader

Thursday, 28 Jun 2018 | Pioneer | in Oped

Our young people are patriots and heroes whom we can be proud of before the world; that they have a large contingent of such trustworthy young people is a great blessing for the Workers' Party of Korea and a source of pride for Korea, and this assures the great strength...


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