3 cobras rear head in Delhi, captured

| | New Delhi

No rainfall but high visibility of “reptiles” in Delhi as Wildlife SOS rescued three cobras from different locations on Wednesday.

Bizarre! The Indian Meteorological Department's (IMD) prediction of rainfall in Delhi is failed but reptiles' movement is escalating now days. While monsoon has marked its official signature but abnormal rise in humidity made life uncomfortable for both humans and animals.

The first call to Wildlife SOS was from a MCD Health Centre in Badli village. Witnessing five foot long snake inside medical room, the staff lock the room shut to confine snake' movement.  

In the meantime, the snake sought shelter under cupboard making a bit challenging for the rescuers to extricate it without alarming it.

"It took them almost 30 minutes tosafely carry out the rescue operation," said a rescue team member.

Another call was received by wildlife SOS from the Government Senior Secondary School in LaxmiBai Nagar about a nearly 4 foot long cobra that was found wandering inside the school canteen.

"After ensuring that all potential hiding places and escape routes were blocked off, the Wildlife SOS team carefully transferred the snake into a safe transport container," Said a rescue team member.

Jawaharlal Nehru University Campus (JNU) tagged as a forest campus, cobra was found  near Girl's Wing inside Lohit Hostel. The security officers were quick to take action by calling the Wildlife SOS helpline and the snake was later carefully carried out of the premises.

"All three cobras are currently kept under observation and will be released back into the wild soon," said wildlife SOS official.

Meanwhile, Kartick Satyanarayan, Co-founder and  CEO of Wildlife SOS said,"Being one of the four most venomous snake species to be found in India, our team had to exercise a lot of caution while conducting the rescue in order to avoid any unnecessary casualties.

" A cobra will not attack a human being without provocation but sometimes, the size of a reptile, coupled with the general misunderstanding of snakes, causes people to unnecessarily panic on spotting a snake. We request people not to handle any wild animal or reptile themselves as it can prove to be dangerous, especially in cases involving venomous reptiles."

Revered in Indian mythology and culture, the common cobra (najanaja) is listed under Schedule II of the Indian Wildlife Protection Act 1972. Large scale deforestation, urbanisation, encroachment for human habitats and construction, force these generally misunderstood reptiles to wander out of their natural habitats and come in contact with humans. Such incidents often results in man-animal conflict as well.



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