Bajrangi hit by 7 bullets: Report

| | Lucknow

With the autopsy report of slain gangster Prem Prakash aka Munna Bagrangi showing that he was hit by saeven bullets, the police are yet to confirm how the handgun or the mobile phone used to film the act reached inside the jail and whether only one person was involved in the killing.

Interestingly to cover up the conspiracy and ensure secrecy about the brain behind the well-orchestrated killing, the police also did not take pains to confirm from mobile operators on how many phones were being used from the jail or in adjoining areas at the time of Bajrangi was sprayed with bullets.

Sources said that circumstantial evidence indicated that no confrontation took place between Bajrangi and Sunil Rathi as claimed by the latter.

"Had Rathi fired at Bajrangi during a scuffle then his clothes should have had blood stains or at least some mark of confrontation,” said a police officer who visited the prison.

"Not only this, circumstantial evidences also suggested that not just one, but at least two or more persons were present at the scene when the killing took place," he said.

The officer said that in one of the photographs of Bagrangi, that went viral soon after the killing, showed that he was not hit on the left side of chest, but another picture showed two bullet entries fired from close range and had burn marks.

The officer opined that at least another person was present there who shot the photographs while the assailant/s fired the shots to ensure that Bajrangi did not live.

"The immediate release of Bajrangi’s bullet-riddled pictures after his death also pointed that the killers might have sent it to someone, probably the Rs brain’ behind the conspiracy, to confirm that the mission was accomplished," he said.

The officer said that the connivance of jail officials in the killing was also evident as not only the handgun and mobiles reached inside, but the killers remained at the spot for five to ten minutes and only after everyone was sure that Bajrangi was dead, the message was pased on to the SP and DM.

Family members of Bajrangi also apprehended a similar modus operandi and the role of jail officials along with a senior BJP leader and former MP in the killing and demanded a CBI probe.

East UP don Munna Bajrangi was shot dead inside Baghpat jail on Monday morning hours before he was to be produced in a local court in a case of extortion call made to a former BSP legislator.  



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