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New definition of hugplomacy

Tuesday, 17 Jul 2018 | Pioneer

Yes, it was a beautiful game no doubt. But the World Cup final made for beautiful people and stories too. Like the one of the Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, who won a million hearts with her kind of “hugplomacy” — oh, don’t we so love the term — that came...

Whose Story Needs To Be Told?

Saturday, 14 Jul 2018 | Pioneer

Now that Sanju — the film that has given Bollywood a neat return of Rs 500 crore worldwide — is an undisputed hit, perhaps any talk of it being a flawed a product or somewhat agenda-driven, consciously or unconsciously, will be hurriedly set aside. With Sanjay Dutt, on whose dramatic...


Friday, 13 Jul 2018 | Agencies

Some public persons have an insatiable appetite for the limelight and will say or do the most ridiculous things to court attention. Politicians and film stars head the category of those seeking to stay in the news mostly for the wrong reasons. An old adage that all publicity is good...

Death as a Product

Thursday, 12 Jul 2018 | Pioneer

Consumers of social media can be called nothing but zonked out voyeurs. Else how does one explain 2,750 people watching the live streaming of a suicide by 24-year-old Munna Kumar? A letter where he claimed full responsibility for the suicide as he had failed to clear the Indian Army entrance...

Waste Water Wonder

Wednesday, 11 Jul 2018 | Pioneer

The Delhi Government has announced plans to make potable water from treated wastewater, and as such that is not a bad idea as Delhi’s population grows to unmanageable numbers alongside growing demand for water. Huge lines and regular fights for water are a reality in low-income neighbourhoods during the peak...

She is back

Tuesday, 10 Jul 2018 | Pioneer

Few remember that gymnast Dipa Karmakar was the first Indian to have perfected the “vault of death” or Produnova. Or that she refused the BMW after she came fourth in an Olympic gymnastic event simply because there was no BMW service centre in Agartala or good enough roads to ride...

Prayer for Thai boys

Friday, 06 Jul 2018 | Pioneer

With the world focussed on the cave rescue of the trapped Thai boys, the ball by ball account has become a life-positive story in a crowd of conflict and political reportage. After 12 days and with rapidly receding hopes — last heard oxygen levels in the subterranean cave were dipping...

Mind factory

Tuesday, 03 Jul 2018 | Pioneer

Be it aggressive proselytising on social media or be it the cult-style suicide pact by a family in Burari, reason seems to be the worst casualty in a knowledge society. For the glut of information and bombardment of ideas have robbed us of our basic processing, sifting and analytical ability...

The end of the possession game

Tuesday, 03 Jul 2018 | Pioneer

Spain’s departure from the World Cup is the final repudiation of the famous F.C Barcelona ‘tiki-taka’ strategy of constant passing and the possession game in international football. It is quite clear that opposing teams have learnt that it is find to have much less possession, and be completely and totally...

Save Rainwater

Saturday, 30 Jun 2018 | Pioneer

Now that the monsoon has deluged the country, assuring us of another good harvest, few of us, particularly those in big cities where water tables are rapidly depleting and which do not have the advantage of sitting on a river bed, need to turn to harvesting rainwater. That too on...



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Iran’s Khamenei: ‘Negotiations with US useless’

22 Jul 2018 | AFP | tehran

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Saturday that negotiations with the United States are “useless” because it does not abide by agreements. “As I have previously said, we cannot trust in the words of the United States and even in their signature, so negotiations with the United States are useless,” Khamenei told a gathering of Iranian diplomats in Tehran...

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PM Modi targeted the entire opposition over no-confidence motion

22 Jul 2018 | Pioneer News Service | Lucknow

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday targeted the entire opposition, questioning the motive behind the no-confidence motion moved by the opposition in the Lok Sabha. Addressing a Kisan Kalyan Rally in Shahjahanpur on Saturday afternoon, Modi said the people of the country trusted him and his government but some political parties did not...

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